Card of the Day - Friday - The Moon

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Card of the Day - Friday - The Moon

Postby Jan » 07 Jul 2017, 11:57

The Moon appears for the second time this week then...and since we do not see this fascinating card enough I, for one, welcome it.

Those of you who also receive the Angel Paths ezine might have noticed an interesting coincidence today - this said bearing in mind I do not believe in coincidence, but usually see it as syncgronicity...and sometimes the Gods talking. Anyhow....I featured a Moon card from the glorious Tarot of Northern Shadows today - glorious deck indeed! The card shows a head which is part wolf and part child's face, with a Full Moon riding high on their shared brow. I chose that card I pretty much always do. Then I came to do the side-bar which is currently featuring a jewellery range called "Mythic Celts". I'm basically moving through these in the order they appear on the cart. And this time it was the turn of the Call of Annwn...this features a star--scattered lunar crescent within which is the head of a hound - the Hounds of Annwn, you understand.... I really could be here all day detailing the lore associated with wolves and hounds in legend because it is vast. They show up depicting everything from death to unity....quite fascinating....

And that got me to wondering just why exactly that particular piece of synchronicity showed up today....wolves are creatures of the night (Moon)...and as pack animals can teach us a lot about how to work together, and to identify with our "tribe" the Moon itself they are sometimes wanrings of decpetion or illusion....but there are also many many examples of wolves and hounds as trusted guardians and beloved friends.....and with the strength of the Moon's power it is often easy to identify those same people in our lives....

Points to ponder I the meantime I am off to do some work ;-)

Loadsa love
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