some healing and support please

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some healing and support please

Postby newroser » 22 Nov 2017, 22:43

Hi there everybody. Hope all is well.

I need some help please. I'm having a stressy time with some big things going on. I have:
1. got a new job after 2 years of looking (yay) but its quite a step up and so far quite scary, so I'm nervous
2. Relocated to a place I know nobody, and wouldnt actually have chosen to come to, but the job is hopefully worth it. I'm fining it hard to be without my support network and familiarity of home
3. the place Ive rented wasnt left in good condition and was quite stinky from dogs. I love our furry friends, just dont my house or clothes etc to smell like someone elses dogs! It has taken a LOT of cleaning to get on top of it. There are also quite a few things not working properly in the house and agents aren t that helpful.
4. I just had a message from my old landlord that the cleaners I hired to clean for end of tenancy absolutely failed to clean, and apparently used the loo and left it dirty, and left the hot water heater on etc. I spent a lot of money on that and to be honest its the last straw and I'm really upset.

So, could I please get some supportive vibes and healing to help me get on top of things enough to deal with this new and stressful life I'm living at the moment. I want to want to be here, but right now I really really dont... :cry:

Thanks everybody x
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Re: some healing and support please

Postby prc » 27 Dec 2017, 14:19

hello there! sorry to hear it's a rough time for you right now. change is always difficult, but you have the extra stress and frustration of folks not holding up their end of the deal, i see. i know your post is over a month old; i hope things have started to look up for you some. once you get acclimated, you should start to feel better. when i moved to my current home many years ago, i was coming from a home three thousand miles away, and was so depressed for a time. i just put my nose to the grindstone and took care of business, and eventually things started to look up. just have faith that things will get better. wishing you love and light, and many Blessings for the new year!
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