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Need help with a reading

PostPosted: 22 Mar 2018, 23:31
by Veronica
Hi everyone,
My thoth tarot came but it is the smaller size, around the size of playing cards.
I did braille it ok though.
I'd like help with a reading.
My question is:
What energy surrounds my healing practice?
I pulled the following cards:
Card 1 past, emperor.
Card 2 present empress.
Card 3 future, knight of wands.
The past emperor for me shows I have had to come up against people in my life.
I have felt as though there's been a lot in terms of needing to set goals.
Card 2 present empress shows that I have the ability to help others.
For me it is about embracing it.
I need to plant new seeds.
Card 3 future knight of wands.
It may show that once I can stay centered and find the right people to help me, I can then move forwards.
I do though need to make an effort to start that project, and work on myself.
What are everyone's thoughts?