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Vivid Dream

Postby merrick » 08 Dec 2015, 00:14

I had the most vivid dream last night, very telling I believe.

I was walking along side the edge of a large ravine with crystal clear waters. And I saw a very large orange octopus, but then I realized there wasn't just one, but two octopus, and then there were four. All very large, moving together out of the sun and into a cave. Then a large black bear ran up behind me, and before I knew it, I was riding this large bear through the woods, feeling very good and happy. Then the bear dove off a cliff into the water, and I had to hold my breath as we swam deeper and deeper underwater and into a hidden cave, where I could surface. There was air and dry land. Then a mermaid appeared to tell me I couldn't leave until a specific task was done. I don't recall what the task was, although... I wish I could.

I dug through the online dream dictionary, and all the major players were interesting:

Octopus: Entangled in a difficult matter. Indicated over possessive and clingy in relationships. Seeing two octopus depicts codependency. (That's pretty spot on for the most part of all my relationships)

Bear: Independence, strength, death, renewal. Undergoing period of introspection, thinking. (No wonder it felt so good to be riding the bear).

Underwater: Being overcome with emotions. Need to gain more control in life. (Just broke up. Feeling hurt and helpless at times)

Cave: Womb, refuge, protection, concealment

Mermaid: Female aspect of self that is mysterious and and secretive. Doubts over femininity.

Perhaps this dream is telling me that I need to be more independent, stop being clingy and codependant on relationships. I can do this through introspection, and paying more attention/protecting the more feminine side of myself.
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Re: Vivid Dream

Postby seedling » 08 Dec 2015, 08:01

Sounds pretty sound to me!
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