The Hierophant as help?

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The Hierophant as help?

Postby TheSixOfWands » 10 Oct 2015, 18:04

Doing a 3 card spread and this card came up in the `Where can I find help' position.

Do you think this is telling me that I need to seek help or I will find help from a person or institution when it is needed. Or am I misreading the meaning?
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Re: The Hierophant as help?

Postby Cecilia » 11 Oct 2015, 09:39

I'd say someone highly trained with wast experience such as a professor, priest and so on. Could also mean the eldest person in a family/group with experience. Difficult to say. You know the situation you're in so see where this fits in. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you really need it otherwise you could be waiting a long time.
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Re: The Hierophant as help?

Postby Aoibhegreine » 11 Oct 2015, 11:50

The Hierophant is a difficult one for me. I've never really found a meaning that fits with me or that feels right but I'll try to help. To many the Hierophant represents a tradition, old school approach, something like a church or established company. So in this instance the answer appears to be yes. However, the Hierophant can also represent the simple act of learning, of finding understanding. In the Legacy Deck he is known as Faith.

Without knowing the context of the situation it's very difficult to say for definite what this may represent. If this is relating to a medical or legal issue then yes, seeking help is advised. Another aspect that comes to mind is when we are ready to learn a teacher will appear.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help but as I said the Hierophant and I are a work in progress.
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Re: The Hierophant as help?

Postby serendipity » 15 Nov 2015, 18:12

Though I don't think that this applies in this situation, Jan introduced me to another way to look at the Hierophant which is of someone conforming, doing what is/what they think is expected of them, adopting a traditional role... This really helped me in getting to grips with the card...

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