King of Cups, The Lovers, Knight of Cups

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King of Cups, The Lovers, Knight of Cups

Postby beth_84 » 23 May 2012, 22:09

I'm really sorry if this is a bit of a long thread.

The situation as it stands is this, A man has recently left my life, weren't together as he is with someone else, but we had a very deep connection and last week when I left my job (we worked together) I asked if we would stay in touch and he said didn't think we would, but that he loved me and will miss me very much.

I have been missing him horribly but had a feeling it wasn't done yet so I asked my cards If he would ever be in my life again and this is what I got:

I use The Sharman-Caselli deck and I tend to let the cards decide how they want to be placed and this time they ended up three in a row (I always read the cards left to right) with one card crossing the middle card (hope that makes sense).

Position 1: The King of Cups (left)

I feel this represents him as a person, he is very much in control of his emotions and he is keeping them hidden, almost like he is ignoring them as acknowledging them would make his life complicated. He is sat on a throne in the middle of the ocean almost like he is removing/isolating himself from the situation/me.

Position 2: The Lovers (middle)

I feel this card represents the situation he is in, there are 3 people on the card which would make sense with the love triangle aspect. He has to make a choice between the two of us (cupid is aiming the arrow at him) and he's still not sure which way to go...he's torn.

Position 3: Knight of Cups (right)

I feel this card represents his choice, he is on a white horse riding over a bridge, he is returning from a journey. I feel he needs to go on an emotional journey, he will return (to me) my knight on a white steed and shining armour when this is done, and he is ready to give me his heart/love (in the picture it to me looks like he is holding out the cup he is carrying).

I then wondered what the time frame would be:

Position 4: 3 of Cups

I feel this is saying that he will return in a time frame of 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years (there are two trees, 2 bushes on the card which give me that vibe) and it will be a time of great happiness and celebration for him/us when this happens.

I would really love some feedback on my interpretation of this reading as it helps me learn and also helps me to trust my own intuition a little bit more
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Re: King of Cups, The Lovers, Knight of Cups

Postby Jan » 24 May 2012, 20:21

I found the way you interpreted that reading (your description of it) really interesting. Unfortunately I am not convinced I would go with your thoughts....see the king is a strong family man whose commitments in that area are so intense that they act as his driving force.....the Knight on the other hand is a bit of a jack-the-lad - he takes some dangerous chances that generally end up with him getting himself into a bit of a pickle. At this stage he is quite weak.

So - if he DOES come back toward you he does so in a weakened state - taking risks that are not likely to work out for anybody. I think I may be tempted to see the 3 (laying on the Lovers) as a greater confirmation that it is good for you to move on, and to try to rebuild your life in a happier fashion - and that this will lead to the type of love and contentment that you seek.

So far the two of you have managed yourselves in a deeply respectful fashion....I think in the end that might sour if you settle for anything less than being with a person who is in a position to care for and love you freely, with no constrictions nor limitations.


Loadsa love
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Re: King of Cups, The Lovers, Knight of Cups

Postby MandMaud » 25 May 2012, 13:44

Hi Beth! I daren't form an opinion on (a) someone else's reading, I'm too much of a beginner, or (b) someone else's love life! So i won't! But I just want to comment how interested I am in the way you choose to lay the cards out and tell what each position is about. I'm learning a lot from comparing all the different approaches and this one I understand.

If looking through a selection in books, I don't find a spread that seems to want to be used for the question I have, What I tend to do is make up a spread before I begin and (usually on paper) decide what the positions represent. I often throw one in that is 'unexpected' or 'random' or at its vaguest 'the Other Things card', but I'm not confident to just put cards down and then after that think about what they're about. So I'm wondering if when you say, 'I tend to let the cards decide how they want to be placed', you mean that you really don't decide at all until you have drawn a card and need to put it down, or whether you consider that while shuffling, or before you begin at all. Or something else?

... And I know I said I can't say, but it comes to me strongly that IF this man were to break up with the other person, and come to you, then it would be very important that things not start up between you two while he's still on the rebound. I'm NOT saying he will or may become single, just that stepping straight from one to the other wouldn't work – even though you and he would probably feel as if it wasn't a beginning but a continuation because the groundwork is already laid. I hope you see what I mean there, and I hope you don't mind me sticking my oar in; you're free to ignore me!

I don't yet know what I think on the question of reading for/about other people, but perhaps (I'm asking the forum, here!) some question could be asked about whether he is withdrawing / staying aloof – safe among all that sea – because of admirable self-control, or fear, or apathy?
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