Hi Everyone! Newbie here!

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Hi Everyone! Newbie here!

Postby Wulfgurrly » 23 Dec 2015, 03:42

So happy to have stumbled upon this site. I am kinda new on my path in Wicca, still have a lot to learn but I'm so happy to have come this far already. I am a new mom and wife. I have a beautiful, 5 month old daughter and a very supportive husband. He is an atheist but is happy I have found something for myself. I am going to be 22 in a few months and work for a free local paper that runs classifieds. My sun is in Pisces. My spirit animal is the wolf. I do not know which deity(s) I will follow, or if I will. I am always open to ANY question and any advice fellow Wiccans/ Pagans have for me :)

Blessed Be!
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Re: Hi Everyone! Newbie here!

Postby seedling » 23 Dec 2015, 08:49

Hi and welcome!
Congratz on all be big changes and being so blessed to add a wonderful life, enjoy fully!!
I'd say..follow your own spirit, reconnect with it..it is very wise!
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Re: Hi Everyone! Newbie here!

Postby Aoibhegreine » 23 Dec 2015, 11:49

Hello and welcome.

The biggest piece of advise given or received is follow your instincts. If something doesn't feel right walk away, far away. We each must make our own path in Life and we are the only ones who know what that is. I have issues with the whole deity thing. I had a fleeting dabble with Athena as my Matron but I just couldn't get past the whole god thing. So now I prefer to follow and belief in the Universe and the power of man. I suppose I make it up as I go along but that's pretty much what we all do except we call it winging it! :D

As long as you remember the Wiccan rede in all that you do you'll be fine.

Blessings and good luck.
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Re: Hi Everyone! Newbie here!

Postby Seraphina » 24 Dec 2015, 18:54

Hi and a warm welcome from me too!

I did dabble for a while with Wicca, my eldest daughter is Wiccan, but some of it did not feel right for me, so I pretty much go my own way, taking bits and pieces from various sources, I agree with Aoib, and I follow my own path and what feels right for me :) I'm sure you will enjoy your time on the forum we are a friendly bunch :))
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