My second post ever!

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My second post ever!

Postby MariaMaria » 25 Feb 2014, 10:42

Hello everyone,

I just wrote my first post in the Tarot & Mystical section, so I just wanted to say a quick hello here, too! :hello:

I have been teaching myself (slowly but surely) the meaning of the Crowley deck, which is my absolute favourite, and I have been using this site a lot for reading about the cards. It has taught me alot, so thank you, Jan!

So even though I am well acquainted with the site, I haven't used the forum, yet, so I am a newbie here. So, again: hello everyone. :)
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Re: My second post ever!

Postby Jan » 25 Feb 2014, 16:12

Hello! Welcome to the forums. And you're welcome ;-)

Loadsa love
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Re: My second post ever!

Postby m.standridge » 27 Apr 2014, 09:54

You're surely welcome from my end. I sometimes go on n on in my posts, and can end up dominatin' n killin' threads, apparently. So I always welcome fresh blood n new commentary on my commentary.

They tolerate me up here, angels that they are, though I'm in n out, n sometimes gone awhile (a blessed relief, no doubt, since I often post in dismay and apprehension about a stress topic in the news, etc.).

I do so, to try to dip into this wonderful positive energy I pick up around here!

From my perspective, there are, indeed, angels treading n flyin' in this area!

Come n rub halos with 'em!

I don't have one, but innocence and purity, such as I pick up here, edges up on a halo, too.

Bless your heart.
MaxS (the thread killer) :write:
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