Made it after a sticky start.... ;)

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Made it after a sticky start.... ;)

Postby Awakened » 22 Jan 2014, 10:38

:thumbsup: Well I will start with a big Hi , in brief I have had a lot of things happen to me in the last couple of years. ( I think they were happening before I just didn't acknowledge them properly) Things which I wouldn't speak about in case those around me thought I was going loopy.

Anyway I have been travelling along my journey pretty much working things out for myself , learning new technique's to embrace and make sense of stuff. Understanding a little more all the time.

VERY recently I bought some Tarot cards. looking at links to those is where I have found you. I have not been on any forum for a long while, may need some time to find my way about, but hoping to add to knowledge and understanding along the way ; )

Thank you Jan :D
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Re: Made it after a sticky start.... ;)

Postby Aoibhegreine » 22 Jan 2014, 14:50

Hello and welcome. I'm a relative newbie myself having only walked this path for around a year and a half. And yes, I completely understand where you are coming from, the not knowing quite what to believe, I'm I stir crazy? So let me just say that you are not crazy, at all, well maybe a little bit like the rest of us ;) , and like you my immediate family have no idea about my chosen path, I fear their rejection I suppose, and their ridicule. But I'm slowly finding my way through the quagmire and coming to peace with who I am and in doing so find more wonder than I ever imagined in the world, in palces where I least expected it. :D

As for your tarot a word of warning, Jan's definitions are for the thoth deck and they do not always coincide with the RWS or related decks. If you want I have a go to website that I use for assistance with my readings. Any problems, post in the forum and we'll get to it when we can. We can be a bit slow. :D

Above all, trust your gut (Jan's favourite saying) and just let things be.

Good luck
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Re: Made it after a sticky start.... ;)

Postby Jan » 22 Jan 2014, 21:42

Nothing like giving your inner child free rein ;-) You're very welcome!

I think you'll find others here who find it necessary to walk a solitary Aoib. No need to be alone any more eh?

Loadsa love
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