Feeding plants

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Feeding plants

Postby Jan » 08 Apr 2009, 10:09

Now I know spraying on leaves, and I know pouring water, and digging in compost. But I have a honeysuckle (very old inherited) and the afore-mentioned jasmine which are growing in what looks like relatively confine space, surrounded by concrete. There's just no room to dig in new soil there.

So - what are the best ways to feed plants in this sort of situation? In the garden centre I have seen little stick things that you are meant to put in the soil - do these work? Can their nutrients reach down into the soil as deeply as they might need to?

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Re: Feeding plants

Postby Marlita » 18 Apr 2009, 03:27

Hi! Some of my gardening friends use the "stick" things and really like them. I personally prefer more organic fertilizers like fish emulsion which you mix with water and the pour on the soil. This is kinda like liquid compost and works on nearly every species of plants. This works very well. I also use a product that here is called "Miracle Gro" which is sprayed on the plant's leaves as well as the soil. This is really good, but it's kinda like a vitamin to a diet that is not very good. Both Jasmine and honeysuckle are very hardy here and my honeysuckle is really ignored and blooms happily every year. I have no idea how old it is but assume it rather ancient. Now do something FUN! marlita of course
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Re: Feeding plants

Postby lottie » 10 Nov 2009, 12:45

Seaweed emulsion every two weeks will have people labeling you green fingered in no time.

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