Lunar Planting

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Lunar Planting

Postby Catori » 09 Mar 2011, 10:53

Just found this, if anyone is interested? :D ... -moon.html
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Re: Lunar Planting

Postby rainbowspirit » 22 May 2011, 21:00

Thanks for the link :)

My little veg patch is coming along nicely this year, and I've been aware of planting with the moon as a concept, but am yet to put it into practice.
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Re: Lunar Planting

Postby Marlita » 05 Aug 2011, 02:26

I personally think that lunar gardening is a good idea and I think a lot of gardeners do it intuitionally. I grew up on a farm and Grandpa nearly always planted by the moon and he was successful. Our weather here is so strange lately that I just plant whenever it's not too hot and when I know that I can water, Water, WATER! There's a LOT of plants that I bought yesterday on the porch that I'll have to get in the ground within the next few days and it hasn't really rained for over a month with extremely HOT temperatures so horrid gardening weather. OHHHH WELLLL, there's always next year! (SMILE) Now plant something wonderful and watch miracles happen. marlita the happy gardener
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