crystals to heal broken bones

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crystals to heal broken bones

Postby dori » 28 Sep 2008, 17:22

hi everyone,

i need some help, my 10 year old daughter broke her tibia in two places yesterday and is in a
lot of pain,i was wondering if there are any crystals i could tape to her cast that would help the healing? i am doing reiki on her as much as possibe also.

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Re: crystals to heal broken bones

Postby Glergo » 30 Sep 2008, 11:07

Dear Doris,

Here’s what I know..

Petrified Wood (a.k.a. Fossilized Tree) is great for such a condition. I think you could tape one or more pieces to her leg (of course regular cleaning required).

But, if you want an even faster recovery, you could take two segments of whole fossilized branches, and hold them daily for some time on the two sides of the broken part in a way that the surfaces with the rings face each other, her leg coming in-between. And, the best would be I think if you could tape these pieces there...

I hope she gets better soon!
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Re: crystals to heal broken bones

Postby Talenyn » 14 Oct 2008, 14:51

Hi Dori,

I hope your daughter is healing well. Malachite will help with the pain, and is gentle enough for a child. To stimulate healing, apatite or fluorite would also work well. I would also use selenite to help restore normal energy flow around the break too.
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Re: crystals to heal broken bones

Postby Mojo » 23 Oct 2008, 15:33

Hi Dori,

I second the Malachite suggestion - also Tiger's Eye is great for healing broken bones. Could be fun for a chid as well, is she an animal lover? It's a beautiful stone and you could add a story of some sorts... that the tiger's eye is keeping a close watch on her healing, or perhaps a tiger somewhere is helping her heal peering through the magic of the stone ... by adding a fantasy story to the stone, it will help focus her thoughts, therefore her energies, to the stone and give it the power it needs to do the trick.

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Re: crystals to heal broken bones

Postby SerenityRider » 01 Feb 2009, 07:07

Hello Doris, maybe you could incorporate some herbs into the healing as well you could use a cold compress of comfrey to help heal the bone apply it to the skin and cover with bandages you will need to apply it quiet a few times but it works i had a friend who used this on her partner and it worked extremely well in healing, just another idea for you.
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