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Postby kelle » 15 Aug 2012, 13:24

this came up in the petalite thread and i will post it here justto keep things organized.

stewardship is defined as a responsibility to take care of something owned by someone else. crystals never really "belong" to us. they belong to the earth.

crystal stewardship simply means that part of your path is to be a caretaker and healer of crystals. some may arrive in your hands not at their fullest potential. i cannot tell you a "right" way or "wrong" way to do it. you will have to get very personal with the crystal and follow your intuition. trust.

trust in your knowing will be very important. the crystal that i mentioned in the petalite thread wanted to be covered in sea salt. for more than a year. when i mentioned this to a very skilled crystal worker she was horrified and scolded me for it. this was when it was "new" to *not* use sea salt on your crystals. some were suddenly very against it. i did not alter what i was doing because the crystal told me it needed it.

i am sure if you think about it you will have stories about certain stones you felt moved to nurture in some way that seemed "mysterious" at the time :)
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Re: stewardship

Postby Aquarian » 15 Aug 2012, 19:41

That is interesting I like that idea of stewardship I think we could extend that to a lot more in our lives to get more peace and equity.

I have a piece of fluorite convelescing on a window sill. its really improved. and I guess that some crystals are not supposed to be in direct light . the window is covered by net curtain so it doesnt get too much sun.
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Re: stewardship

Postby Jan » 15 Aug 2012, 22:41

Mmmmm.....that makes perfect sense to me too. I had a mechanically worked citrine "wand" come to me with a chuffing great crack straight across its middle. I sat with it for a little while doing other stuff at the time, and for no particular reason it broke itself down the crack all of a sudden. I was a bit surprised....but when I took a hard look both broken ends were refracting shards of light. I don't think it wanted to be a double terminated wand.....I think it just wanted to find its way to being rough crystal again. So now one bit of it is down here, and another bit of it is in the garden looking after a citrus plant (don't idea).

Thanks Kelle.

Loadsa love
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Re: stewardship

Postby Gypsy » 18 Aug 2012, 02:57

Thanks Kelle. I like that. It makes so much sense. I can feel that stewardship.
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Re: stewardship

Postby wishinglove » 20 Aug 2012, 14:16

Yes, we are the stewards of life on earth. :D

xx w
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