Platonic Solids Crystal Sets

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Platonic Solids Crystal Sets

Postby rainbowspirit » 02 Mar 2011, 16:01

Has anyone thoughts on, or worked with, a Platonic Solids crystal sets?

Here's my understanding of them....

The Platonic Solids are a collection of 3D shapes that have been viewed through history as the building blocks of life. They were first identified by the followers of Pythagoras and then deemed to be the basis of matter by Plato. They are perfectly regular – all sides, angles and faces of each shape being the same.
They are in a series, from simplest (the tetrahedron, or pyramid), increasing in complexity as you progress along the line.

Nowadays, people work with the geometric forms in healing and magic, seeing them as the keys of creation and sequence through which the ‘vital force’ or ‘divine energy’ progresses through to become matter in our physical world.

In natural healing, they are viewed in a similar way as Chakras – looking for blockages and stagnancy in the person’s energy field that is expressing itself in outward symptoms such as emotional imbalance or physical disorders.

The Platonic solids also resonate with the Elements

Tetrahedron = Fire = Solar Plexus = Manifestation / Power of Self

Cube = Earth = Root chakra = Grounding / Replenished Energy

Octahedron = Air = Heart chakra = Integration / Peace

Icosahedron = Water = Navel chakra = Transformation / Sexuality / Acceptance

Dodecahedron = Spirit / Ether = Third Eye & Crown charka = Ascension / Purity / Completeness
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Re: Platonic Solids Crystal Sets

Postby kelle » 19 Jul 2011, 23:44

very little beth so please feel free to share.
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