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PostPosted: 08 Feb 2011, 13:53
by rainbowspirit
Hi all :wave:

I was wondering if anyone uses crystals for divination (crystalomancy) and if so, do you use stones in a bag or cards?


Re: Crystalomancy

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2011, 07:58
by Ryohei
I don't know if this counts, but I use Naisha Ahsian's Crystal Ally Cards a lot. I have nearly all the actual crystals featured in the cards (apart from a few hard-to-get/expensive ones) and so when I draw specific cards I can usually have the relevant crystals in my hand when doing the actual reading.

It was through crydtals that I first started on my spiritual path, and I have had a long-standing interest in rocks & minerals so the cards were a logical extension for me. I have to say I haven't as yet used crystals on their own for divination, but that may be something to explore.



Re: Crystalomancy

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2011, 14:01
by rainbowspirit
I worked with the Jewels of the Lotus - Tibetan Gemstone Oracle deck that Kelly was drawing cards from before, and I've looked into every deck that's crystal based, cause I loves crystals ;) !

From that, and reading Cassandra Eason's books, here's a synopsis of how I interpret the crystals....

Shiva Lingam – Cocoon yourself. You need time to retreat and nurse the hidden jewel within you

Chrysocolla – be gentle with yourself. Time to withdraw from what you no longer enjoy to allow yourself time for rest.

Moldavite – don’t worry if you sometimes feel alienate from the material world. You have unique gifts that can be developed if you follow your unique path.

Boulder Opal- Cosmic ordering. You have the ability to get what you wish for if you clarify your vision and believe

Black Tourmaline – deflect negative away. Beware of shielding yourself from everything.

Obsidian – let old sorrow go, happier times are ahead. You have a great deal of power if you aren’t afraid to change status quo

Garnet – avoid anyone who is critical or discouraging if your pursuits are attracting envy. Let the ‘lady in red’ within rise to the surface.

Smoky Quartz – a promise of a better tomorrow, light at the end of what may seem a long tunnel

Boji Stones– Indicates a time of the shadow self. Your path to transformation has the need to look to your shadow self. Meet, accept and understand aspects u don’t like about yourself

Amber – a time for deciding what you want. Prosperity, your efforts may at last be rewarded

Moonstone – trust your intuition not external appearances in decisions. Listen to your dreams. Beware of taking the path of least resistance/easy route.

Fire Agate – believe in your inner fire , passion and ability and give it opportunity to be expressed

Carnelian – good time for independent action, don’t undervalue yourself. What would make personal happiness and fulfilment, aim for personal goals. You can achieve anything.

Rutile Quartz – represents your inner treasure of resources/ experience to help if starting over again or seeking change. Believe in self. Look for hidden benefits.

Jade – respond gently and with compassion to those who are being difficult, see their personal unhappiness and inadequacy

Peridot – good fortune, in-flow of money, love, luck and peace. Dealing with hiccups in life.

Imperial Topaz – prosperity, wealthy lover, legal aptitude. Guard against gossip and spite.

Citrine – joy in all aspects; time to communicate ideas & needs clearly, especially at work. Try new activities. Make time for creative talents, they may be lucrative.

Apatite – you can draw strength from those around, but sometimes need to ask for help, especially if you are usually strong.

Rose Qtz – you may become a peacemaker, but don’t let yourself be hurt. Blossoming love or friendship, or reconciliation in love

Rhodochrosite – look at any experience as part of a wider patter to maximise opportunities and minimise problems. Few things are accident or can’t be redeemed

Ruby – you stand out as an individual and will be rewarded for your efforts. Beware of danger and seeing red.

Kunzite – flow with life and allow events to unfold and resolve themselves rather than confronting issues.

Rubellite Tourmaline – By nature a caring person. Guard against unconditional love if it is damaging you. Show tough rather than unconditional love.

Aventurine – excellent time to take a chance to gain by speaking out, trying a new money-making idea or following an inspiration.

Malachite – follow your heart but do not be swayed by sentiment or pressurised by those who appeal to your emotions. A time for tough love.

Emerald – increase in prosperity, preserving or healing in/fidelity, attract love

Dioptase – gracefully let go of what can’t be mended and above all forgive yourself for being only human

Green Tourmaline – paternal, nurturing. Either a male figure, or requiring you to have that capacity to nurture, and be cruel to be kind.

Turquoise – you may be called upon to arbitrate, speak out or take the lead in bringing a matter to fruition.

Aquamarine – a stone of travel, either possible travel or an opportunity to widen your mental and spiritual horizons.

Sapphire – a stone of new love, commitment and fidelity. Purity of thought and purpose.

Celestite – don’t fill your mind with worries about what might happen as this may prevent you from enjoying/gaining full benefit from present situation.

Blue Topaz – you are not expressing your inner truth. Need clear communication of point of view. Rational, artistic talent. React calmly. Clairaudience.

Sodalite – be slow to speak and measure your words wisely in any situation where your opinion is asked or making a decision

Azurite – listen to your dreams for guidance, trust inner wisdom.

Amethyst – feeling stressed, exhausted, or experienced difficulties recently. Issue of boundaries and control. Need for a to-do list and rational approach.

Lapis Lazuli – stick to your principles and rise above any pettiness and attempted double-dealing. Have confidence.

Sugilite – a time for the inner spiritual/healing nature to rise to the surface. A time of development and growth intuitively.

Clear Quartz – a time for optimism and clarity of outlook, especially about a new beginning.

Iolite – a new acquaintance or family addition may have hidden depths, so try a new approach if you are finding them difficult to warm to.

Diamond – clear anxiety, negativity. Integration of mind, body & spirit. Ability to achieve in a life time what will be remembered forever.

Selenite – nothing can be changed about the past, but it forms the basis from which we create our future if we take the beauty & worth and let the rest fall away.

Herkimer Diamond – The cosmic divining rod - helps is around to point you in the right direction. Effective mental function, see wider picture of own life. Spiritual connection with others.

Re: Crystalomancy

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2011, 15:34
by twinkletoes
Wow, that's brilliant, thanks for posting that! Its been ages since anyone posted on here so that's a good start! I do use crystals for protection and cleansing so I do use them with my cards before I do a reading, but not in terms of the reading itself. I'd love to do it, but I'm not sure how I'd start...

Re: Crystalomancy

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2011, 16:05
by rainbowspirit
:) thanks for your response Twink :)

It's certainly easier with the cards, as they show each stone with chakra placement and associated element, but I do also have a collection of the stones in a pouch and draw from them as a reading.

I guess I'd start with a pouch of just a few that you already have a good resonance with / knowledge of.... or read Cassandra Eason's book.

I found that learning the divinatory meaning of crystals gave me a fresh and deeper understanding of their energy and properties :)

It's all fascinating stuff! :grin:

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PostPosted: 19 Jul 2011, 23:42
by kelle
thank you very much for sharing :)