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Crystals for grief

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2010, 17:00
by wishinglove
Hi All,

My question is similiar to Cat's, I think. I'm wondering what crystals help in processing through the grief associated with the loss of a loved one. My case is compounded somewhat, as it's grief related to the recent suicide of someone very close to me. Therefore, shock and guilt are also involved.

I've used Rose Quartz so far, and a chunk of citrine.

Thanks for any further recommendations.

wish xo

Re: Crystals for grief

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2010, 18:02
by twinkletoes
Hello wishinglove,
I'm so sorry that sounds like a horrible thing to go through. I have to say, and this could be just my personal relationship to citrine and I am by no means an expert - I would find it far too energetic to use with such raw, deep emotions. Put it this way - when I go out nightclubbing I wear citrine for a bit of extra 'fizz'! IMHO, perhaps you would like to try something that reaches a little deeper and soothes your emotions? When I have felt totally lost and like a bottomless pit of emotion, I have found garnet to be wonderful in giving you a sense of peace and grounding. I believe it works on the base chakra and helps with feeling secure and safe - I have definately found this to be true and I find it compliments crystals which work on the heart chakra too as it kind of 'shores you up', feels like your hand is held through whatever you're going through. In terms of working through your emotions, I've heard malachite is excellent for healing via bringing emotion to the surface to be dealt with, but this is quite a powerful stone I would check with someone more experienced than I before using that! As well as crystals for the heart chakra, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, etc. perhaps you might want to look at stones which work on your throat chakra too if you are having troublle expressing your feelings or have something you wish you could say - this could be something like lapis lazuli, chrysocolla?
Hope this is helpful,

Re: Crystals for grief

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2010, 19:04
by wishinglove
Hi Twinkletoes,

Thanks for that guidance! It makes sense to work on security and safety first - because yes, those have been affected - and then to couple that with heart chakra stones. Maybe the throat chakra stones could come after the other two effects are achieved. I've got a lovely piece of malachite, but have always been hesitant with it due to its amplifying effects, which you point out.

I know what you mean about citrine, but there is something in this stone that I just need at the moment. It's such a cheerful stone...seems to offer me permission to be happy in any given moment, just for the joy of it, despite circumstances.

Thanks so much for your valuable input!


Re: Crystals for grief

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2010, 19:37
by twinkletoes
Haha, well there you go - can't argue with that can you?! Its obviously got something for you so I guess you should receive it! Hope whatever you chose keeps on helping you anyway x