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Numerology - The Aces

The Aces correspond with the number 1. This is considered to be the beginning of anything - first emanation of an idea, an action, a venture. The number 1 contains raw energy and power. There is, as yet, no form of substance to that energy - it is simply the beginning of anything that follows.

1 is considered esoterically as the point where individuation occurs. It is the moment at which the egg is fertilized and new life results, the moment of conception, that brief second where the seed takes root.

In each case, we have already moved away from 1's by the time that growth and development begin to take place and as a result, it is immediate, incredibly powerful and yet completely fresh and new.

You can see, maybe, that the energy in this particular number is very vital and dynamic, but probably slightly uncontrolled and unstable. The number 1 corresponds with the colour red, which is also associated with passion, immediacy and rage.

The Aces, therefore, are raw expressions of the element that they represent. They usually relate to beginnings and starts in one way or another, and always relate to great power and force.

Whenever you get an Ace coming up in a spread, it will indicate sudden movement (often following change and disruption) and usually promises hope and progress.

It must be noted, though that because Aces hold so much power they can tend to overwhelm a spread particularly when, in a larger spread, all four Aces appear.

The Aces are considered to be 'rulers' of the elemental suit they represent, and all other pip cards are seen as developments from the original emanation.

Numerology - The Twos

Twos are about the one becoming two - joining together with others, becoming involved in partnerships, both of the intimate and platonic variety. It is about the way in which we work in groups, and about sharing warmth and loving feelings with other?

Inherent to the concept of 2's is the idea that the immediacy of the egotistical 1's has been transmuted into a more sharing, caring experience. There's negotiation, compromise and the ability to merge in a 2 number, which doesn't appear at all in 1's.

We see here that the raw energy of the Aces is beginning to shape itself according to the world which surrounds it. Instead of seeing only itself it begins to recognise other outside features of life, and to identify itself with them.

2's are not leaders, they are co-operators. They like to be part of a team, to spread experience over a wider range of people. This is a loving, non-judgmental number, which has a correspondence to the color orange.

Accordingly, the 2's in the Minor Arcana are friendly peacemaking cards, by and large. They talk of harmony, olive branches, rifts healed, reconciliations and allies.

In fact, the most important principle is that of balance. You'll see that these cards are designed to help the querent recover from disruption by instilling harmony and peace into their overall make-up.

Numerology - The Threes

Three is an important figure in numerology, for it denotes that which is completed, or that which has reached the end of an appointed phase.

Of course, when one phase ends we must, of necessity, begin another. This is the case with 3 - having completed one particular stage in life there is always movement or progress. This forward momentum is usually built upon whatever has been attained in the early work of the individual.

So 3 might be seen as a logical progression from the 1, where we saw the ego - the primal force; and the 2 where we saw that force beginning to integrate and work in harmony with others. The three, therefore, might be considered to be the end result of this initial integration of forces.

There are lots of symbolic connections with the number - the Father, Son and Holy Ghost trinity of Christianity, the same principle echoed in the Isis, Osiris, Horus mystery of Egyptian tradition; the three faces of the Goddess as virgin, mother and hag in pagan mythology. You can probably see from each of these that we see two independent units which merge to produce the third element of the trilogy.

You might also compare this effect in relationships - two independent people coming together, and between them create the third principle of the relationship. It is a creation which has come about as a result of the actions and energies of the two people involved. It is wholly unique, and neither of the initiating partners would be able to create the same relationship with anyone else.

In numerology, three is much concerned with one's ability to enjoy life. People who have this number featuring strong in a numerological analysis are considered to be outgoing, convivial and gregarious. This effect of going outward and sharing experience with others is a continuation of the general theme of the number, in that, it acknowledges the concept that when 1 merges with 2, 3 results.

Three is also much concerned with matters of intellect and growth - you might be able to understand that in order to complete one phase (that is of being differentiated) and to join with someone or something else to create a new 'thing' we must fall back on our ability to communicate, our intellectual understanding of reactions which have their roots outside of us.

We need to think about other people's reactions and responses, consider their needs and feelings, concentrate on the growing entity which we are both creating. Therefore, we are thrown back onto our intellectual reactions. We need to think through what happens - how it affects us, which direction it appears to take - and we also need to be able to share that with the person on the receiving end. This means that we are consciously assimilating what happens to us. Three is associated with yellow, and that color is responsible for stimulating the mentality and intellect. Most of our reasoning processes take place under the influence of the color yellow. It activates our ability to think logically.

You can see, then, that three is a number much linked with our ability to merge, share and join with others. Perhaps you can also see that 3's emanate from the combined force of the Ace and the 2.

Numerology - The Fours

Four is the number of material completion - hence phrases like 'four-square'. You will also notice that the number four has already cropped up quite frequently in relation to Tarot. There are four suits, each of which relates to one of the four elements of material existence.

There are many symbolic examples of the four principle - as the phrase above suggests, the square belongs to the number four, and represents the single most stable structure we can make. Pyramids were built on a square base, with each of the sides being allocated to one of the elements. The elements themselves are traditionally assigned to one each of the four compass points (East/Air; South/Fire; West/Water; North/Earth) depending upon which direction the side faced. You can probably see that the compass points also carry through the theme of encompassing all material existence, for the world is basically physically composed of the four compass directions.

We have already met the four elemental creatures which are assigned to the four quarters - Air/Man; Fire/lion; Water/eagle; Earth/bull.

You may also notice links with the number four and the concept of spirit, intellect, emotion and material life, which are levels at which the human being may be assumed to operate.

The aspect known as a square in astrology is considered to be a difficult one to manage, but one which can reap enormous rewards for the person who gets things into balance. You will remember that this concept of controlling material life, by getting its forces into balance, was a major theme with cards like the Chariot, the Wheel of Fortune and Art/Temperance.

From all of this, you may be beginning to form a picture of what the effect of fours can be. This is a number which relates to the establishment of security and safe foundations in whatever field it applies. It indicates diligent work and attention to detail, with a measurable level of reward already achieved by the time the number appears.

In some respects, it can be regarded as a limiting number, for whilst achievement and progress are possible, they must be striven for, and carefully nurtured.

Another aspect that is worth considering in relation to fours is that they should form a foundation for whatever follows - they are stepping stones along the way, rather than final goals and ambitions totally fulfilled.

There is practicality, realism and determination in these cards, along with single-minded concentration and unswerving dedication. They generally bring harmonious influences, though occasionally their tendency towards limitation can prove frustrating and annoying.

As their link with the elements suggest, fours need to be balanced and harmonious. When they are not, they can become rigid and discordant. The number can also sometimes indicate a tendency to get bogged down in material matters, at the expense of spirituality.

People strongly affected by the number four will be reliable, practical, diligent, patient, insistent on detail, accurate, hard-working, self-disciplined and sincere, they work well in the business world, and with finance, but show few artistic or creative urges.

Four corresponds with the color green, which is a calming and serene color, bringing relief from mental turmoil and grief.

Numerology - The Fives

Five is a number connected with the planet Mars. Astrologically, Mars is considered to be a planet of drive and ambition, courage and daring; but also, strife, uncertainty, fear and upheaval. Often it is the action of Mars that brings quarrels and anger, changes and alternation.

Actually, it's interesting to note how often Mars is regarded as a planet to be feared ... whilst I would agree that it is a force to be treated with proper respect, I would not have regarded Mars as a poor influence. It is sometimes a difficult planet to harmonize, but sometimes we need the 'kick up the rear' administered by his influence.

The cards in the Major Arcana which could be linked to the four 5's are interesting in their comments about the influence of this number too. Number V is the Hierophant, that teacher and leader who we see as calm and conventional (in some respects); and XIV Art or Temperance, a card that suggests moderation in all things. It is as though, in this case the Major Arcana provides the harmonizing influence for the force and disruptive power of fives.

This 'antidote' idea is carried through to the color correspondence to the number, as well, for the color of 5 is blue. Blue is thought of as a calm, soothing color, which eases frayed nerves and settles disquiet.

I think we can safely assume that the natural rhythm of the Universe is maintained by this principle of balancing a powerful number which is known to bring sudden change, and disruption in its wake, with calm and soothing cards which suggest that we can overcome or transcend any changes life has in store for us. Somewhat comforting, isn't it?

Of course, 5 is not a number which we should see as all bad - there is freedom in 5 - a freedom from restriction, convention and routine. There are choices, opportunities (often enormous chances), there is vitality and determination. But when this number is having influence, everything that happens will be quite dramatic, sweeping in its effects. If we respond well to changing patterns then we rise to the challenges we are presented with. If we hesitate, shy away or prevaricate, we can only expect our opportunities to turn to vain regret. Five always indicates some struggle or another. There is forever another goal just beyond the horizon, another hill to climb, another battle to be won.

5's are about the constructive use of freedom. This number represents our struggle to come to terms with the particular demands and responsibilities of controlling and balancing our own lives. We are always approaching or passing through tests of character, of personality, of relationships. We are testing and trying the things which feature in our lives.

Of course, whilst freedom sounds like a great state, it has its disadvantages, and its pitfalls. To be truly free means that you rely on no-one to realize your own hopes and wishes. You recognize that being free means you must also afford that privilege to everybody else. It means that you need to develop a clear identification with yourself, and learn to know yourself better than you know anyone else. And it means never hiding your truths from yourself.

It's often thought that the state of freedom is somehow free of responsibility, but in fact, this is a complete misunderstanding. Freedom probably brings with it more responsibilities and requirements than any state of reliance upon or inter-relation with someone else.

So 5 is the number which concerns itself with the process of learning to handle our own freedom. Of necessity, this leads to conflict. Therefore the four 5's are not easy cards to reconcile.

Numerology - The Sixes

Six is a lovely number. In numerology it refers to the type of individual who always has time to help other people, who occupies a position of trust and affection in the hearts of those surrounding him, who gains a great deal of satisfaction from giving sympathy and gentleness. These are warm, responsive people, who enjoy their fellow man, and who have a deep compassion for those less fortunate than themselves.

I think you can see simply by looking at the shape of the symbol chosen to represent this number that 6 is a well-rounded and balanced number. This influence is one of harmony and agreement, and applies to the peacemakers among us. It blends differing forces into a coherent balance which offers the best to all concerned.

This number also relates to the recognition of beauty, and love within the self. When we feel the influence of 6's, we begin to come to terms with the perfection that surrounds us. We can see loveliness all about us, and we become more appreciative of the world.

People strongly affected by 6's are thought to be at their best when bringing harmony into manifestation around them. They see pain, confusion or conflict as anathmatic, believing that the only way to enjoy life is to be happy and in harmony with our environment.

You'll remember that 3's were about the completion of a stage. Later on, you will see that 9's are about ultimate completion. 6 lies in the middle point between these two dynamic numbers. It is halfway along the way to ultimate completion, and receives the influences of that which has already been done, and that which is yet to be attained. It is as though the number gathers equal forces from the 3 and from the 9, both coming in opposite directions, to merge together here.

Merging is an important principle connected with 6. It is here that we may expect eventually to achieve a balance between material and spiritual life, blending the two together into a powerful combination which allows us to be masters of our own destiny.

The 6 brings harmony - to situations, to people, to plans, to environments. It is a responsible number, not only willing to bear its own share of the load, but often willing to carry burdens for others. Healing, recovery and reconciliation all belong to the 6 function, but sometimes indicate that the healing has come from a third party.

It is often suggested that the point from which mankind might most effectively live in incarnation is from the centre-point of the 6. From here, he can draw down the spiritual energy and purpose he sees to be his destiny, and transmute it into reality through physical manifestation. He is neither too spaced out whilst reaching for the stars, nor too bogged down to move. He can hear the voice of his own spirit, yet still communicate with his fellow man.

You can see that a natural consequence of such a balanced situation would lead to an optimistic, loving view of life which radiates out and encourages positive reactions from all it touches. When we are influenced by 6's, we can see the beauty, fun and laughter in our world. This is not to say that we fail to see the injustice, suffering and ugliness that also exist. Yet our perception of these does not quench or darken our basic love for our planet and for humanity. Rather, the sight of the negative parts of life simply urges us forward to correct, blend, reconcile and re-balance. 6's bring out the best in us.

After the trauma and challenge presented by the 5's we find here some measure of stability, of success and satisfaction. We can rest a while and count our blessings, mend our wounds and build our strength. And in so doing, we find precious moments to listen to the great total that is life.

Numerology - The Sevens

Seven has been held as a magical number for thousands of years by many varied traditions - just a few of the associations which spring to mind when I think of this number are 'lucky' seven, seven spectrum colors in a rainbow, seven original planets used in astrology, the seven veils of existence - and I'm sure you can think of several more.

In esoteric lore, the number seven has been revered as a symbol of high adepthood. Buddhism sees seven steps of ascension into Godhead. The world was created in seven days, and there are seven days to the week. This is a sacred and deeply honored number, which holds much spiritual significance.

It could be said to be a point of achievement, a major progression in growth. You might be able to see how this concept could grow from the 6, which marked a point at which we are able to complete a second stage, and in so doing, rest and count our blessings. In a way, 7 marks the point at which we recognize for ourselves the inner changes that have taken place, and, with a new self-image, proceed on our journey. We are more aware of our powers and talents, and realistically in tune with our limitations. We may move forward with self-confidence and a basic reliance on our own innate abilities.

You can see that to achieve this state of mind requires certain things of us. In order to rely on ourselves, we must first learn to know ourselves. We must assess, objectively, where our special skills lie. We must learn to appreciate the things that hurt or wound us, as well as the things which make us happy. And then we must learn to regard either of these experiences to be infinitely valuable, and precious to our overall comprehension of our lives.

There is a quote from Rudyard Kipling - 'when we can meet success and failure and treat these imposters both the same'. It is directly attributable to the process promoted by 7's. We must enter within ourselves, and explore the deepest corners of our minds, exorcising all ghosts, laying all formless fears to rest, until eventually we emerge whole and unified, into the light.

7 is a number of wisdom, and relates to the personal growth of understanding and knowledge within the individual. It is under the influence of 7's that we gain insight, sureness and independence. Accordingly, in numerological terms, the 7 force leads us inwards, to explore our capabilities. We are not afraid to be alone, actually enjoying and valuing our own company.

We stop being quite so dependent on others, less ready to respond to outside pressures and expectations. We develop a greater understanding of our own needs and requirements in life, and we become more aware of our opportunity to realize these needs into life. You can see that in some respects, 7 is a differentiation number, like 1; however, with 1, we were evolving an appreciation of our physical isolation, and found ourselves driven to merge with another - in order to become 2. With 7, it is our understanding and perception of our own High Self which is beginning to emerge. We are recognizing our Selves. This is a solitary pursuit, and one which most of us would rather not share until it is complete. We will tend, therefore, to be more conscious of our distance from the rest of humanity for a time. This separation is necessary, in order for us to see our own totality, we must regard it in isolation from the vastness which is life. It is only once we begin to see ourselves properly that we can clearly identify a position and purpose in our existence.

We are analytical in some respects, too, whilst under the influence of 7. Because we are assessing and evaluating, everything tends to come under the microscope. We have powerful intuitive input, which we must learn to trust - but we must also avoid abandonment to intuition, for balance, as always, is important. Our consideration of ourselves must be firmly based in unbiased, assessment, tempered by intuitive understanding.

Interestingly enough, 7 is a number considered to come to maturity in mid-life. This is wisdom born of experience and knowledge - and these both take time to acquire. Mid-life crises are more common in that fateful 50th year of an individual's life than at any other time ... and when you are 49 you are 7 x 7. We all change to one degree or another at this point. Our entire orientation alters.

It's interesting to note that people strongly affected by 7's in numerological analysis are often restless and unreliable in their early years, expressing considerable dissatisfaction and uncertainty. This unease is part of the quality of the number. It is only once one has the experience to support one's hypothesis of life that one is able to confirm or disprove theories.

The color attributed to 7 is that of violet, which is much connected with wisdom principles, itself. Here, again, we see the emphasis being given to experience and knowledge tempering theory and concept.

In the Major Arcana, the Chariot corresponds to this number. The Chariot is a card much concerned with matters of triumph, victory and progress. We might feel that the Chariot embodies the principle of overcoming the obstacle of the early life, and ascending to the level of wise council and achievement.

Numerology - The Eights

You may recall that fours related to the assessment of completed projects, the appraisal of the querent's progress so far. When you consider that two fours are eight, you begin to get some idea about what the number 8 means in the sense of numerology.

8 is a number that suggests, by its very shape that two cycles or circles have been completed You'll remember that circles are symbols for wholeness and completion. There is a particular symbol that we have come across in our examination of the Major Arcana which looks like a figure eight lying on its side. This is one of the symbols for infinity, and is often known as the Magician's Eight. Most versions of the card the Magician actually show this symbol somewhere. The glyph is taken to indicate the perfect balance of forces which must be maintained in order to create our own reality. If you can accept that what we think makes our future, you might be able to see that the infinity symbol indicates the constant motion and flow that thought-into-action requires. As soon as we begin to think something, it is, at one level, already existent. Then we simply have to await its manifestation into dense reality. Of course, when we think something negative, that too will manifest. And, again, you can see that we have returned to the concept of total responsibility for our own lives.

With 8's we approach a point that is very similar to the appraisal idea inherent to 4's. However here we should see ourselves as having learned sufficient of the basic law of life to be able to apply it with a certain amount of skill and control. So 8 is about the practical application, on a day-to-day basis, of the principles of Tarot - perfect balance, constant monitoring, realistic appraisal and reliable effort. We have 'got the knack' and now it's up to us to apply it properly.

Accordingly, 8's are much concerned with practical matters and the ordinary demands of existence. The number demands hard work and attention to detail, with the underlying theme that, in a working sense, we get basically what we deserve out of life; therefore in order to reap, we must sow. You'll notice that this is an idea that first took hold with the 4's, and which is developed to a higher peak here. The number demands that we master the outer world, learning how to provide our material necessities and allow for some luxury and growth within our environment. You can probably see that this tends to be a positive function for Wands and Discs, but not so beneficial when it come to Cups and Swords, which are much more deeply concerned with emotional and inner facets of life.

From 8's we develop our business skills, executive qualities and ability to organize. We learn to practically apply ideas and concepts, making them into viable and workable additions in our life expectations.

This is an art of living that we all have difficulties with, at times. Some of us are naturally gifted in the area of material management, but others can feel overwhelmed and uncertain when it comes to making the books balance. Because we sometimes have trouble getting the hang of it, 8's also have a tendency to bring single-mindedness and obstinacy when we are learning. We can become blinded to the overall goal or ambition, and get bogged down in irrelevant details failing to see the wood for the trees. It's quite important to bear in mind that it is not the actual monetary reward which brings pleasure from the 8 influence, but the satisfaction of having achieved the success in the first place. You can probably see that when we fail to remember this basic point we can get caught up in chasing money for money's sake, without ever allowing ourselves to feel the great satisfaction of a job well done, a dream well recognized.

Having once conquered the lesson to be had from the number, we find ourselves reliable, diligent and trustworthy, able to manage large projects, steering them towards successful conclusion. 8 is a number much concerned with striving for perfection, particularly in the way that ideas are realized into material existence. The 8 influence drives us onward toward the best representation of whatever we aim for. It is also an inspiring influence for others, too. The 8 influence tends to pull teams together, ensuring harmonious end effective partnerships and working relationships. Somehow, this is a diplomatic number, tending to get the best out of anyone who works with it.

8 corresponds with the color rose pink. The dynamic energy of red has been matured and developed into a powerful blending force which builds up and supports. People strongly influenced by the color are often seen as team-leaders not the ultimate boss, but a valued member of the team. These are the individuals we expect to keep things running according to plan. They chivy, encourage, empathize and nudge forward.

So you can see that 8 is a good number in relation to work, business, ambitions, jobs, etc. However, because it is primarily concerned with realizing into everyday life the things we hope for and plan, it is inimical to the more emotional and sensitive sides of our nature. 8 has little influence on the personal areas of our lives - indeed, in such circumstances it can tend to conflict with it. For instance, the hard work and diligence that goes into building success can deny an individual the time or involvement with his/her home environment, leading to accusations of neglect and deprivation. Equally, from the point of view of the person strongly affected by the number, intimacy can often be regarded as a waste of time and effort - a side issue which distracts from the central theme. You can see, then, that 8 in this circumstance can become a sad and unhappy number.

Numerology - The Nines

We have talked before about the number 9. You'll remember that 3 was a number which indicated the completion of a stage; that 6 showed the consolidation of current success whilst planning the next phase; you can see that 9 will be about final, or ultimate, completion. In a mundane sense, therefore it could be said that what we experience when we reach 9 is the eventual manifestation of whatever thought or idea began with the 1.

Trace with me the concept of growing that occurs through numbers - the 1 shows the initial idea or thought; the 2 shows joining that thought into others in order to develop it; the 3 shows achieving a balance or result from that merging; the 4 indicates the next stage of planning; the 5 shows obstacles and difficulties which appear along the way; the 6 shows the triumph over difficulties and the approach to the next stage; the 7 shows initial manifestation - that is the first hint that things are taking shape in the material world; the 8 shows that the circuit between our intellect and our physical life has been completed; the 9 shows the arrival of whatever we were attempting to manifest - and the 10 shows its integration into daily life.

Let's say we are planning a new business enterprise; an idea occurs to us (1), then we try to match up that idea with our current experience and knowledge, to see if we think we could develop it (2). Having weighed our present skills, we decide we could probably make it work (3). So we begin to research the market for our idea, look for suppliers, methods of selling etc. (4). We discover that we'll need permits, premises, contracts (5). We apply for and obtain whatever permission etc. that we need so we're ready to continue (6). After initial obstacles which we have successfully overcome, we make fairly good progress through our plans (7). We reach a stage where the preparatory work is done, and we are almost ready to start up (8). We begin (9). We succeed, hopefully (10).

You can apply this sort of logic to almost any situation in life, taking the pip number to show where you are at any given point in the proceedings. The above example would most easily be applied to Disks. Cups might outline the development of a love affair through the stages we experience - the 5 might mark the point of the first tiff, for instance. With Wands we can see the growth and development of almost anything. With Swords we are thinking primarily of our spiritual development when we see the Suit this way.

So 9 is a number which allows us to see the rewards of our labors. Whatever we have put our attention on is coming to fruition now. Of course, one has to bear in mind all the time that if we started with a negative or unhelpful idea, we can only expect the results to be negative and deleterious to us. However, bearing this in mind, you might understand much more clearly the principle of creating trends today which make tomorrow.

Numerologically, 9 is about the selfless giving of the individual to humanity, with no expectation of reward. Of course this may seem to be a contradiction of the points just discussed. However, given closer examination it becomes apparent that when we give to others of ourselves, or of our possessions, we are manifesting into the world that which we have already acquired - either in a material sense, so that we have an over-abundance, or alternatively in a spiritual sense so that we have achieved a sense of balance and harmony which allows us to give love, strength and energy. This might be regarded as an over-abundance of spirit in that we have sufficient for our needs and are therefore able to give away the excess to others as healing, counseling, caring. You might be able to see that this idea is coherent with the overall principles of the number.

The number 9 corresponds with the color of gold. This is a color much associated with healer/teachers of our world. People often have gold lights in their auras when healing. We associate gold with riches and wealth, and these too are aspects of the number.

People strongly influenced by 9 have idealistic and strongly held views. They tend to be the moralists of our world, setting standards by which the rest of us attempt to live. They are often in positions of leadership, though usually inadvertently. They are sensitive to the feelings of others, and have a deep desire to help, to alleviate and to heal.

Numerology - The Tens

And so we reach the last of the pip cards. We have traced the development of the germ of an idea through its stages of exploration and investigation, past the concretion of ideas, and watched it begin to manifest into life. 10's are about that process. You'll notice that if you add 1+ 0 you get 1 - the beginning, again. Really, this number sums up the realization of our thoughts, actions, plans and, even, our mistakes. It is in 10 that we recognize whatever it was that we have been living and working towards.

Of course, you might see that this end result does not necessarily have to be positive - it is simply the final manifestation of whatever has held our thoughts for the past days, months or years. Ten years ago, in a period where my ordinary job took up most of my time, I found myself jamming in my esoteric studies between the most urgent of my other commitments. I found this experience highly unsatisfactory, and began to resent the fact that I had no time to explore subjects which stimulated and excited me. One particular day, I found myself reaching a peak of frustration and anger and, putting aside the work I was supposed to be doing, I sat and thought for a while what it might be like to actually earn my living by using my esoteric knowledge and skills. At the time, the idea was simply a pipe dream. I never really deliberately attempted to work towards the concept, because I always felt it was a hopelessly impossible dream. And yet here I am working in my chosen field.

There is a saying that nothing has as much power as an idea whose time has come.

To me, this is a clear example of the way in which particular types of idea can take root in the subconscious, and gradually work their way out onto the surface until they become reality. There was no point at which I said 'Well, I'm going to gather together everything I know, and project it into daily life until I have created an opportunity to work full-time on esoteric subjects.' Yet from that particular day, onwards, each step I have taken has brought me inexorably closer to the point I have reached today.

It is this subliminal process that is really important in the study of the Tarot. This is the function of the True Will. It will subtly alter events and your reactions to them until it has moved you into a position from which you can more readily fulfill your life plan.

Yet, as we have stressed again and again, it is the recognition of our innermost dreams, hopes and ambitions that we must struggle to achieve - for in this way, we can use the invisible forces that surround us to help us to shape our lives in more desirable and acceptable patterns. I think my experience is probably fairly unusual in that it seems that, at times, some greater force than my conscious self has had a hand in the shaping of my destiny; but nonetheless, that greater force could easily have been my own Higher Self.

10 is about the recognition that you have completed a stage in your life. You have now manifested exactly what you have been aiming for (and this must be taken to include the subconscious strivings of our deepest needs).

The number 10 really sums this up. We see the circle of completion in the nought, and the 1 with which we started in the first place. You can also see that when you reach the position of the 10 you could be considered to be beginning all over again in a slightly different way - because when you add the numbers together you come up with the initiatory 1 again.

All the 10's in a Tarot deck have a natural affinity with The Fool (0), the Magician (1) and Fortune (X). You can see, if you take the inner meanings of each of these cards, that the Fool corresponds with initiating the original idea, the Magician deals with your ability to materialize what you think of, and Fortune suggests that, having manifested it, you must keep your balance and continue to develop.

In a sense you might say that 10 not only marks the point of realization, but also the next idea or concept. It is beginning and end all in the one number.

In fact, the 10's of the suits carry this idea through into interpretation. Each of the 10's represents the culmination of the Suit, for better or worse.

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