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New on the Site from January 2003

July 1st 2003:
New links added to Recommended Links and Other Links.

June 28th 2003:
Book by Cheryl.
Poems by d-boi.

June 26th 2003:
Two more beautiful paintings by Ellen.

June 23rd 2003:
New poems added by Sagemoon.
More poems added by moon.
New drawings by Andrea.

June 17th 2003:
We have upgraded to the latest version of Platypus Lite for our shopping cart. We think you will agree it looks a lot better and is easier to navigate. Please enjoy:


New poems by a new poet - Sagemoon.
More poems added by chantal/moonchild.

June 13th 2003:
We have a new artist today with the start of a series of elemental drawings - this is gorgeous:
The Water Element by Mary.

June 12th 2003:
Your Articles are invited - anything you like for our all new Articles section.

We have a new artist today with beautiful Goddess paintings:
Goddess paintings by Ellen.

A place to swap, buy, sell anything you like. Please come and use the Second Hand Items Wanted and For Sale forum.

May 28th 2003:

Our poets and painters have been busy again this week:
More paintings by Deborah.
More poems by moon~~~.
More Poems by Moonchild.

Angelic Corner.

May 27th 2003
This extensive range of superbly crafted Angel products remind us on a daily basis of the presence of Angels in our life. From shelf sitters to trinket dishes, picture frames to keyrings, wall hangings to fridge magnets, there are Angels everywhere...
Perfect as gifts, or as an angelic treat for yourself. TWICE AS MANY PRODUCTS TO BE ADDED SHORTLY! Please come and see the Angels.

May 22nd 2003:

Our lovely community has given us some more poems and paintings for the Gallery - your place to display what you want to display:

More Poems by Angie.
More paintings by Deborah.
More Poems by Moonchild.

May 22nd 2003
It may appear the not much has been happening the last few weeks - but that's because it's been difficult to pin it down to a single area. In fact, we are shortly going to upgrade the shopping cart to the latest version of Platypus Lite, which will improve it even more. We've also been working on improving the titles of every page on the site so that when you search us you find what you're looking for! We have received more Gallery subs which will go up shortly - and, exciting news this, Jan's Beginner's Guide to the Tarot book has been transferred to a PC, so now we are going to pack it full of extra features. This book contains content never seen before....

April 24th 2003
We have launched Kelle's Crystal Section today - a growing collection of articles and resources on crystals - and healing. Please enjoy.

April 11th 2003
We have added another scanned deck to the Tarot Collection. This time we have chosen the Dragon Tarot, which will also be our featured deck on the newsletter for the next few weeks.. please enjoy.

April 14th 2003
New Tarot Decks including Lo Scarabeo
We have updated our range, in fact we are updating it frequently right now, to include as many new decks as we can get our hands on. Check out the 'Tarot Decks - A' section for a mass of new cards, including the Affirmations deck, Ancient Tarot of Bologna, Animal Wise Tarot Set and a lot more. Click here.

April 11th 2003
We have launched a wonderful new facility for you on the website - a Search facility. About time too I think you will agree! The search box is on the home page and every other page we can fit it on. It works, it will lead you directly to where you want to be. We have tried searches for popular questions we're asked about such as tarot cards indicating pregnancy, tarot spreads, buying tarot cards, etc.

Search Angel Paths:

April 9th 2003
Celtic Sorcery Pendants
Renowned for the beauty of their craftsmanship and the skill of their sorcery, the ancient Celts designed many potent charms. Click here.

April 4th 2003
Congratulations to the winner of our weekly free draw - thanks for letting us put your reading up on the Archive. And remember, you could win too - just join the completely free daily ezine.

Well we have gone and put up some lovely pictures for you to print out for the Celebration Love coming up this month. You can even colour some of them in - how good to you can we get? See them here.

April 2nd 2003
Wow we've finished splitting up the section. Please go take a look.

March 31st 2003
We are splitting the massive tarot deck section into an alphabetical list - so far we have reached L!! Bear with us and we'll finish it this week.

March 31st 2003
We have scanned in and placed up the entire Fantastical Tarot deck for you to peruse. Check it out here.

March 21st 2003:
We have added some new sections for you. A revamped Numerology section to help you understand the Minor Arcana, plus an Elements introductory article by Jan. They are forming part of our new Learning the Tarot section - expanding all the time. You can find the new section here:


If you can think of stuff you'd like to see in here please send us a mail and we will see what we can do!

March 17th 2003:

Our Exclusive Gemstone Jewlelry Range.Our Hand-Blended REAL LIFE Incenses and Oils
A fun range of hand-blended oils and incenses, to help you live your life to the full. There is something here to deal with almost any occasion. From Chill Out to Party Time!
Click here

March 11th 2003:
A lovely new range of exclusive Angel Paths gemstone jewelry pendants and earrings, with explanations of the stones. See them here.

March 5th 2003:
We have added a new section from Jan on using Incense, and we have introduced a Loose Incense Starters Pack, which is great value. See them here. Elemental Incenses and Oils have also been added - see them here.

March 3rd 2003:
We have improved the front page of the Big Shop and updated it for you. Please take a look and see what you think:


PLUS More poems from previous contributors:

Poems by Angie.
Poems by Mary Bare.

February 21st 2003:

Our lovely community has given us some more poems and paintings for the Gallery - your place to display what you want to display:

Poems by Angie.
Poems by Mary Bare.
Paintings by Carol.

February 18th 2003:
Our guestbook - the Angel Paths Dreambook - has been revised and improved. Please come and leave us a message.

February 4th 2003:
New section on the Subscribers Area - the Gods and Goddesses of the Tarot.

31st January 2003:
"Dear Jan. Our Evaluation Panel have now completed their review of your site, Angel Paths, and I am delighted to be able to award you our GNAE Awards Programme Bronze Award (January 2003)."

The About the Subscribers Area is now up - read all about the benefits of becoming an Angel Paths Member. Plus read what Subscribers say about it. You can read through this exciting new section here:


January 29th 2003:
"Congratulations Jan! You nominated your site for the AljapaCo Webb Award and we have finished our evaluation. Your site scored 92 points and will be listed as a winner on the first day of the following month! .. Again, thank you for applying for our award and congratulations on a site well built!"

January 27th 2003:
The new forums are definitely here to stay - you can read all the posts that were already there, plus post some new ones! Also, if you register, you can create polls, track who is online, and generally have a lot more fun. Please come and visit them and say hello.

There was considerable disruption over the weekend caused by an internet virus. This attack took down many of the internet's main hubs and Angel Paths was affected - on Saturday for about 12 hours we were inaccessible. Sorry about that.

26th January 2003:
"Congratulations for being chosen as a winner of Circus World's award. You are the latest recipient of my Merit award..." Thank you very much!

January 24th 2003:
The new forums are now up and active - please come and say hello!

Imbolc Goddess.The MoonandRune Company's beautiful new Imbolc cards are on the Big Shop. Be the first to buy these unique Greeting Cards - from the Imbolc Goddess and the Sabbat Celtic Knotwork designs.

January 23rd 2003:
Well he's gone and paddy pawed all over Jan's keyboard again to bring you the whole lowdown on tail talk! It's Flash the Cat!

January 22nd 2003:
We have just decided to upgrade our forums to the very latest version - this means that in a few days we will have all of the posts up there now still, but in a vastly improved format. If you happen to have any trouble accessing the forums for a few hours over the next few days, this will be because the upgrade is taking place. We will let you know when we are completed! Thanks to David of DCForums for helping us with this mammoth task.

January 21st 2003:
Two new polls added to the forums.

January 19th 2003:
We have won a Bronze Award from SunSet Surfers - a level 4.5 Award - thank you!

January 16th 2003:
We have added a Leave Us a Message and Show us where you Live GuestMap.

We have added a Poll to the forums. Please come and let us know what you think.

January 15th 2003:
Now we have a live News Feed on Weird and Wonderful!

January 14th 2003:
New section on the Subscribers Area - the Quabballah.
New Weird and Wonderful article on Coral Castle.
New Weird and Wonderful article on Windsor Castle.
New Weird and Wonderful article on Rosslyn Abbey.

January 13th 2003:
New Weird and Wonderful article on Borley Rectory. Was it the most haunted house in England?

January 8th 2003:
Poems by Seeking added to Gallery.
Paintings by Deborah.
Poems by Aurora.
Music by Nokomis.
Paintings by Mandy.

January 7th 2003:

Unique Angel Paths pendants. These highly popular, exclusive, unique, inspirational pendants are only available here at Angel Paths. They usually cost £39.95 ($64), but now, to celebrate the relaunch of the site, for a limited period, they are available for £27.99 - 30% OFF!!! ORDER YOUR PENDANTS NOW! See them all here!

January 1st 2003:
Angel Paths has been relaunched today with a new look and more content than ever before. Our tireless team has been working non-stop while (hopefully) the rest of you were on a well-earned break. Gil has checked thousands of pages for links, spelling and grammar, Jan has written entire new articles, even Flash has returned to write his diary.

The new look is the culmination of over a year of planning and design. Every one of the thousands of pages within Angel Paths has been checked and placed where you would expect to find it. No more getting lost! We had no idea when we started Angel Paths how large the site would become - growing from two to two thousand pages does require some rather talented rethinking! Luckily Gil has been more than up to the job and thanks to him and the Wolf Network we are now back on track for further expansion.

So, what will you find here? Firstly, the site map contains links to every section and subsection on the site, so please check there is you ever need a reminder! Our main sections are:

Tarot - Massive resource area with the complete Guide to every Tarot card, spreads, FAQs, Deck reviews, Card of the Day...
Celebration of Love - COL Days, Recipes, Prayer to Love, Gratitudes, Forum, Love Kits...
Angel Paths Big Shop -
100s of Tarot and Divination decks, exclusive Jewelery, magick incense and oils, Greeting Cards, Runes, Paintings, Jan's Tarot Readings, CDs etc.
Community - Forums, Your Gallery, Daily Ezine, Weird and Wonderful, Flash the Cat, Dreambook
Healing - Colour Healing, Forum, Crystals, Affirmations
News - What's happening on the site, What's new in the Shop

There is more to come - new deck scans, new sections on the Major Arcana, more on Colour Healing, expanded Weird and Wonderful, Kelle's Crystals section - plus of course entirely new sections that need your help such as the Gallery.

The Gallery, launched today, is a free resource to all artists of all interests. Simply send us your work and we will add it to the Gallery. It can be books, short stories, samples of music, paintings, photographs, poetry - absolutely anything that you want to display in the Gallery.

We need to know a bit about you, we need to know how you want your work displayed (if you have any special requests), we will do the rest.

This is a free service, and we do not intend to profit from it. If someone wants to contact you about your work, that is a private conversation between the two of you. We will add your copyright to your work and will never knowingly allow it to be used elsewhere.

As a result of the revamp, you will find an extensive improvement to the entire Tarot section thanks to Gil and the rest of the team.

We have moved the entire section around so that it makes more sense. Rather than searching for hours to find what you want, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions section - which will have several hundred more questions added in the next few months.

Also, the Online Guide and Working With the Tarot sections, written by Jan, have been restructured and edited so that they are easier to travel around and understand.

More deck scans are being added shortly and we invite more deck reviews always.

A load of other information is up there - check it out.

Angel Paths Big Shop has undergone a total revamp in the last few months. If you haven't already browsed around now is a good time to start! We have added masses of new products, Jan continues to add new reading spreads for you all, plus just by registering as a member of the Big Shop you earn free loyalty points every week.

Tibetan Incense.Our latest new range is the joss stick collection - many high-quality joss stick products and sundries such as joss stick holders. From Nag Champa to Aromatherapy, Celtic Magic to Joie - we stock the lot.

We also now stock cone incense at some extremely competitive prices - and remember all our prices include post and packing.

Soon we will have a huge collection of essential oils and gemstone jewellery up for you.

We hope you enjoy the redesign.. we hope you stay and look around if this is your first visit. And if this is a return visit - it's still us, only we look even better than we used to!

Love and hugs.



Reading tarot with Jan.
Click here for real tarot readings by a real person - Jan!

Tarot readings include:

Looking for Love Spread

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3-card past present future

General Elipse

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Wheel of the Year

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