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Tarot - The Universe The Universe (or World) is numbered twenty one and is the final card of the Major Arcana. We usually see a female figure dancing within or upon the world, often surrounded by a laurel wreath. The four elemental creatures can be seen, suggesting mastery. This is a card of completion. The soul has attained earthly perfection after passing through the final, self-imposed, trial of the Aeon.

There are many positive and enjoyable connotations to this card. There is satisfaction, fulfilment and pride, because we have achieved something. There is fruitfulness and bounty as a reward for our earlier efforts. There is good fortune and confirmation that now we are putting enough into life to get out of it what we need.

The Universe completes the journey and evolution of the Fool. We begin in innocence, mature through experience and education, becoming wise and measured. Balanced in this way we finally achieve the good fortune and joy of the Universe. The traumas and self-imposed obstacles are gone. We have integrated all parts of our being into a harmonious synthesis which brings positivity and success into material reality. Like the figure depicted in the card, we dance with the joy of life. And again we are the Innocent.

Working with The Universe.

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