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Tarot - The Sun The Sun is numbered nineteen and usually shows a representation of the Sun with rays streaming from it. The Thoth deck version you see here is exceptional in that it is the rose of the Rose-Cross design which forms the Sun itself. The rays of light give the impression of spiralling out into the Universe. Within these rays are the signs of the Zodiac. There are usually a male and female - the same individuals we saw with the Lovers. They are the holy innocent children of God, bathed in the Sun's rays.

The Sun conveys a sense of fertility and bounty. It is concerned with the turn of the years, cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth. This is a very warm and happy card. After the Moon opened up new doors, the Sun comes up to light the way forward. We have new hope and belief.

This is a card of healing, especially on an emotional level. It promises hope and happiness, along with a new sense of safeness, protection and recovery. We are at the place where miracles happen.

Working with The Sun.

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