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Tarot - The Moon

The Moon is numbered eighteen and depicts a mysterious night-time scene. There is often water in the foreground, a full moon depicting the face of a woman sailing high about the land, flanked by pylons. Sometimes droplets appear to be falling like tears from the Moon, taking the form of Hebraic Yod symbols (considered to be impregnatory seeds). There are also sometimes dogs or wolves baying at the Moon. The Moon card you see here depicts Anubis, the jackal god of the Egyptians. There is also usually a crayfish or scarab.

The crayfish is renowned for its ability to fall in love with, mate and impregnate itself. This suggests some of the Moon's more illusory meanings. The scarab is almost always shown with a solar disk between its claws. This is a symbol of renewal and immortality, showing the Moon's association with natural cycles and rhythms.

We have a close affinity with the Moon. The lunar cycle affects oceans and all natural tides. We say that people are more psychotic when the Moon is full, calling them "lunatics". The Moon affects our emotions because they come from the inner hidden part of us, where dreams also reside.

The Moon indicates a voyage to the centre of the Self. We will not be revealed as something weak and unlovable. We will be able to release our psychic and intuitive abilities. Important secrets are revealed when we dare to bring back what is deep inside.

Working with The Moon.

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