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The Hermit This is a lovely card, but one which can often be misunderstood. You'll sometimes see him interpreted to indicate loneliness, withdrawal or isolation - and it's true that his appearance can mean those things. But at an inner level, the mystery of the Hermit is much more spiritual and re-assuring..for he symbolises the withdrawal into one's own centre point, where the directions of the still inner voice may be clearly heard and interpreted.

The Hermit lives in the quiet place we retreat to when we meditate, or dream. He is the philosopher within, the spiritual guide who leads us to the higher realms. He encapsulates the untapped wisdom and realisation within every one of us.through him we touch our Higher Self, and the wealth of energy and power in the Universe.

So on a day ruled by the Hermit, make a point of spending a little while resting in your own centre - meditate.ruminate.let your mind wonder.disengage (even if only briefly) from the everyday concerns that occupy so much of your time, and instead give yourself room to be awestruck, delighted, inspired.

If you have not yet found the place you feel is your centre (and believe me..you know it when you find it ;-) then practise exploring yourself a little. Sit down comfortably, close your eyes, and look inwardly at yourself. Observe your thoughts as though they were external to you. Pick them up as though they were stones, and look beneath them. If you do not like what you find then throw it away!!

It's often the case in the early stages of this procedure people find several things they aren't happy with...but for every unhelpful, critical or murky rock you mentally throw away, new growth will spring up in its place. Eventually you'll discover that thoughts are tools that we invest with far too much importance a lot of the time.they are peripheral, and often interfere with growth. Behind them reside your dreams, hopes, aspirations, needs, emotions and your soul..

Affirmation: I dwell at the centre of myself.

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