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Tarot - The Fool The Fool is the first card of the Tarot and is generally unnumbered, or numbered zero. The Fool is at the start of our journey and is the initiator. Seen by many as the innocent, he has an eagerness and freshness about him. He is young and carefree, entering the World without preconceptions.

The Fool trusts in life and expects his path to be a happy and rewarding one. There is faith in the gods to see him through and a complete absence of fear.

Sometimes the Fool is seen as too carefree - certainly a good dose of other people's more negative reality could damage him. However, for as long as the Fool has faith in his own purity and innocence, others will not be able to take advantage.

This is the child within. This is how we were before the many experiences of life forced us to build up so many walls. The Fool does not shade himself from the light - here we are born and from here we walk the path. It's time to jump off the cliff...

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