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Tarot - The Empress The Empress is numbered three and symbolises one half of a perfect polarity - the Emperor being the other side of the balance. From the purity of the High Priestess we move naturally onwards to the Empress' sense of bounty and fertility. She represents the Mother Goddess, fulfilling her part in the eternal cycle of creation.

The Empress holds the power to steadily and determinedly rebuild, renew, nurture and nourish. She has an unquenchable and generous courage, responding instantly when she sees a need to defend. Her realm is built of love, fertility and warmth. When the Empress holds us we are once again in the sure safety of the infant at its mother's breast.

She also represents unconditional love - making no demands and setting no conditions. If we allow her love to flow through us then we too can become a pure spring through which the Universe flows. Only our fears stand between us and the Goddess.

Working with the Empress card

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