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Exploring Angel Paths.

Angel Paths is a very large website - thousands of pages in fact. We are going to help you find your way around it. We'll do that by telling you the story of Angel Paths - with links on words that send you to that area of the website.. It's been quite a journey along the Angel Paths - from 2 visitors a day getting us all excited, to 2500+ daily now.

It helps to understand where we started from - Jan and Liam set up a website in 1987 that was three pages about Jan's Tarot Pathworking courses. All we wanted to do was sell these courses so that people could learn all about the Major Arcana through her guided meditations and accompanying coursework. Jan had been teaching tarot for twenty years and we had put the whole pathworking course on tape. Amazing to think that now we have a New Age store online where you can buy not only the courses, but anything from incenses to tarot decks to albums - over 1200 items so far.

We started to add more articles about the Tarot, as Jan was asked more questions. We started a daily card - Jan shuffled every day, drew a card from her deck, then wrote about the card. Eventually she wrote all 78 initial write ups.

At this point we were sending out the Card of the Day to every person who subscribed to our free ezine. We added the forums, one at first, rapidly followed by lots more over the years. This was the start of the Angel Paths Community.

Jan also started reading for people online - you can order different sorts of readings from her, depending on what you need. Many people have said many good things about her readings, and about the website.

Jan started receiving healing requests too and set up the Huggy Healing Team - a group of dedicated remote spiritual healers. The group has expanded and accepts healing requests on the forums, as well as privately.

Flash the Cat lives with Jan, and wrote about his life as a kitten. Now he writes about being a full grown cat. At about the same time Flash sprang onto Angel Paths, Jan began to write her second round of articles about each of the tarot cards, concentrating on how to work with them in your daily life - this became the Working With section and includes a daily affirmation for every card.

As more and more questions came in on the daily ezine, and more and more questions were asked on the forums, we began to build up a frequently asked questions section. This is expanding monthly as we catch up on all those queries sent to us over the years.

The free ezine has expanded considerably, but one thing we have always done is offer a free reading once a week, randomly picked from the over 4000 Subscribers subscribed. Nearly all of these are kept private by the recipient, but some of them are used as sample readings, so you can see how an experienced reader interprets card combinations.

We also saw the need to cover different decks than the Thoth deck (which we adore). So we have started presenting you with complete scans of every card in the deck, plus new spreads, deck reviews (yours as well as ours) and more and more decks added to the shop.

We started a new section a few years ago to celebrate Love in all its forms. The Celebration of Love happens each year and we invite you all to take part. We have the Prayer to Love, recipes, a forum and even colouring in pictures and a Love Kit.

The Weird and Wonderful section is a recent addition to Angel Paths. We welcome all paranormal and mystical news and are looking for a committed editor to help us out. We have a live paranormal news feed plus true stories submitted by yourselves, as well as Editorials.

We love hearing from you and invite anyone to join in and help Angel Paths grow. You can submit work to our Gallery, you can write articles, you can feedback on the forums - Marlita writes on her Gardening Forum and Kelle on her Crystals forum. Kelle even has her own Crystals area for you to learn and enjoy from.

Angel Paths is a Tarot and Healing website. We saw the need in 2002 to begin a Subscribers Only area. While the rest of the site expands as normal for free, this area contains some remarkable articles written by Jan, plus a forum only Subscribers can view and contribute to. Every weekday an ezine is sent out to subscribers with a new article plus link to the private Subscribers Area. Jan writes about Tarot from many different perspectives, such as Magickal Tarot, Flora and Fauna, Symbology plus all important advice on interpreting each Tarot card in relation to all others around it. Once you join (for a small amount per month) you have instant access to all material already written. Take a look now.

Thank you for visiting - please let us know if you have any feedback or questions and feel free to chat to us online now if you click on the big blue bottom at the top of the page.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Liam and Jan

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Reading tarot with Jan.
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Tarot readings include:

Looking for Love Spread

What should I do?

3-card past present future

General Elipse

Spiritual Mandala

"The Works" Spread

Wheel of the Year

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