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"How do you interpret the Final Results card in spreads like the Celtic Cross?" Various.

Jan replies:

Almost all spreads contain a 'Final result' or 'Final Outcome' position. Whilst in many cases the card which appears here can seem like a totally logical continuation of the main body of the reading, sometimes it can appear to contradict the rest of the cards. This most often occurs where there is a possibility that the querent has more than one option available to them. Different options should be outlined in the reading itself - and sometimes, in this case, you'll get a card coming up in this final position which seems indecisive or confusing. Usually, this warns you to look carefully at your own feelings about the choices in front of you.

One method I often use to clarify a final card, if it seems ambiguous, is to take the next three cards off the shuffle (or select three more cards) and consider them in the light of the final card alone, without referencing the other cards. This often gives you a better idea of what that final card means in relation to the rest of the reading. This is also well worth doing if you come up with a really negative end card, because you can sometimes get a glimpse of what lies beyond this current problem.

Another thing I frequently do, when faced with a confusing card in this position, is to return to any 'Outside Influences' positions and try the three card trick on whatever appears there, too. This will sometimes offer up clues as to what the nature of external effects might be. That will sometimes explain other elements in the reading.

I've always found that, when you're attempting to clarify a card in the main body of the reading, selecting three cards one by one, using intuition is most effective. However, when you attempt to clarify the final card of a reading, and you have done an ordinary shuffle, the next three cards off the top of the deck are usually most relevant.

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