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7th May 2002
"I recently found a Prince of Wands Tarot card when walking to catch a bus one morning. I was actually cutting across a parking lot and quite randomly walked right in front of it. What could this possibly mean (if anything)? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank You," Benjamin Protasio

Jan replies:

This comes into the "Cards which put themselves in front of you in very odd ways" category - and covers all kinds of peculiar circumstances when cards appear to demand your attention. For instance, there's the "flying out of the pack when you're shuffling" category or cutting on the same card three times running when getting the Card of the Day sorted out.

While I'm not a particularly superstitious soul I do usually place importance on occurrences such as these, since Tarot relies for its accuracy and symbolic value on the apparently random chaos with which cards present to us. This is not in fact of course chaotic but is instead the process of life talking to you.

In this specific instance the Prince of Wands indicates a young man full of verve and commitment to life. He throws himself into life with a great deal of energy and is generally committed to an project he undertakes. Therefore in order to interpret any possible "message" you need to look to your self to discover whether finding a card like this is an instructon, a piece of enlightenment or guidance for you in your everyday life.




8th May 2002
"I have asked a certain question many times in the last week to the Tarot. I would say that 50% of the time the Magician has been the card that is either the result, in a multi-card reading, or it has been the card drawn in a single card reading. (Other cards drawn have consistently been positive as well) Does that mean there is a high probability of me getting what I am asking for or is it mere coincidence? I just thought it was kinda spooky that this card keeps coming up over the same issue. Any thoughts or help? I am very new to all this. Thanks in advance," Jim

Jan replies: We're back to the question of whether or not we believe in the symbolic effect of coincidence here. As you know, I think that there is no such things as a coincidence. Rather, repeating effects are messages to our conscious minds which require adequate interpretation.

The Magician, when representing our internal power, is indicative of our ability to direct our own will in order to create our reality in accordance with it. Therefore I would indeed place importance on the fact that the Magician keeps coming up for you - it's time for you to examine what actions will realise your desires. However, always bear in mind the warning - be careful what you pray for because you might just get it..



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