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10th July 2002
"Jan and Liam, I did a Celtic cross spread and the 10 of swords came up. I always reference my cards on your web site to make sure I understand the meaning. I came across this paragraph in the link "about the 10 of swords": Most often, the 10 of Swords should be interpreted as an unexpected, shocking and traumatic upheaval. But it's worth looking for clues about how you might be able to lessen the impact. If you find cards like the 9 of Cups or the 8 of Swords, then it's probably better to give the dust time to settle before making an assessment. Things often look a lot worse than they really are. With the 8 of Wands or the 5 of Disks, you might feel that clear communication would resolve difficulties. My question about this is: Did you really mean 9 of cups in the excerpt? It would seem more logical to me for it to be the 8 of cups. Thank you," Susan

Jan replies:
Hello! No I did mean the Nine of Cups but I can see why you would have thought that this was not so. As you know, Tarot cards are rather like onions, every time you peel off a layer you'll find another layer beneath. The principle that all things have their moment of resolution runs through (to certain degrees) the Eight, Nine and Ten of Cups. There's always an aspect of awaiting the right moment with these cards - measured hesitation you might call it. I really must get around to writing the next layer of this particular onion, mustn't I? :-)

Working With the Nine of Cups.



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