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Queen of DisksThe Queen of Disks

As the Queen of the Suit most connected to the home environment, families, materiality and fecundity, the woman represented by the Queen of Disks will most likely be a person whose attention centres upon the family environment. Here, she will excel, gaining a great deal of pleasure from providing a secure haven where she and others can feel cosseted and cared for.

In modern times the qualities for which this Queen stands have tended to be devalued and downgraded ('I'm only a housewife'). This causes difficulties for the woman who feels most fulfilled expending her energies in a home situation, working with her family and a close circle of friends.

Yet the contribution that this sort of work makes to the lives of anyone who comes into contact with it cannot be underestimated. We all want to feel welcome and warm in our own homes. We want to feel nurtured and secure. So perhaps it's time to re-instate the Queen of Disks to her rightful place - Regent to the Empress, and important to everybody. Furthermore, maybe we need to invoke our own caring qualities more readily so that we all pour our unique energies into our domestic surroundings.

If the Queen of Disks is ill-dignified in a reading, she will generally have lost sight of her position - or, perhaps, is being taken for granted by others. At that point the weaker side of her personality will show through. She may become dependent and clingy, believing herself to be unable to stand alone. She might manipulate by adopting a passive victim's role.

Though usually the type of woman indicated by the Queen of Disks is a gentle soul, when angered she can become a fierce enemy, particularly where she sees injustice done to her family and friends. She's loyal and willing to help, rooted in the practical aspects of life.

Her concept of spirituality centres on the nourishing aspects of her personality - she is therefor a facilitator, quietly assisting others on their journey, though often her contribution will go unnoticed.

She is often interested in, and involved with, the healing arts, being a willing and generous healer. When she is ambitious it is usually for others, again in her facilitator role. She maintains a strong link with Nature, loving plants, trees and animals.

Working with the Queen of Disks

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