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Two of DisksThe Two of Disks

The Lord of Change is a card that indicates the necessity of constant change in life if we are not to stagnate. It often marks a turning point - a new job, a shift of fortune, a move of home.

Disks are an earthy suit, covering matters of material life, and the manifest Universe. If you look at the planet we live on, though in itself it seems solid and predictable (less so in recent years, mind you) it is in a constant state of change and movement. It turns in space, and if it did not, we'd all be very unhappy with the consequences. The cycle of seasons swings past us each and every year. The tides ebb and rise. Constant change is natural, normal and positive.

We do, though, often fear change in our lives. We will struggle against anything that appears to alter the pre-planned pattern we have applied to our future. But that's exactly what this card does - instigates change. Sometimes we think that the change is bad - and on the face of it, it may appear to be - yet whenever the 2 of Disks appears, it's warning us that change has become imperative. Something is stagnating, demanding to be broken down and made over.

It's worth remembering that if you resist the change advocated by the Lord of Change, you might find that life imposes it upon you anyway - and then you'll feel the effects either of the Death card, or the Tower. When this card appears, it demands a thorough re-assessment of your overall position and willingness to go with the chances that come your way.

The card is especially strengthened by cards like Fortune, and positive Disks and Wands. You can usually track down which area of life it applies to by looking at the cards that surround it - Cups would suggest you need to look at your emotional life. Disks would imply that it's either your working or financial area that needs attention. Swords would probably indicate conflict around whatever changes you need to make, and may point to a need for clear communication. Wands would be more connected with your own application of Will, and the way you are trying to build your life. Major Arcana cards would suggest an inner, more spiritual area needs to be looked at.

Working with the Two of Disks

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