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Queen of CupsThe Queen of Cups

If the Queen of Cups appears in a reading to indicate a woman, she will be a gentle and tranquil woman, romantic by nature, generous with her tenderness. She will be something of a day-dreamer - perhaps a bit unrealistic, but creative and hopeful.

She is often involved in creative or literary pursuits, and enjoys art, good music, literature and things of beauty. She is unstinting in her readiness to nurture others, sometimes to her own detriment. She's often connected with motherhood, and mothering.

She is often intuitive, and psychic. Her foremost ability in this area is a talent for simply absorbing energies around her and reflecting them back, unchanged. In this aspect she can often be a revealer for those around her.

If she is badly aspected, however, another aspect of her personality shows through. The gentleness and tranquillity convert to weakness and unspoken resentment. She nurtures for the sake of inducing dependancy, and places undue importance on being in a relationship, no matter what its quality. She will believe herself unable to stand alone.

Her reflective quality backfires so that she begins to take on the attitudes and thoughts of others. When this happens she begins to show signs of feeling victimised. She might present to the world with a poor-little-me attitude.

When the card comes up to indicate a change in some-one's response, we see the woman in love - entering into the deepest and most emotional realms of her personality, and returning refreshed and invigorated.

Sometimes the card will come up to indicate a woman acting as priestess of the Goddess.

Working with the Queen of Cups

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