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Knight of CupsThe Knight of Cups

Well now, the inner lore on this card is quite fascinating..it has to do with the ways in which energy flows in your home, and how that contributes to your overall well-being and comfort - it's rather like the Western version of Feng Shui, and relates to the management of tellurgic energy (this is the stuff that flows through leylines)

Whilst comparisons between tellurgic beliefs and Feng Shui often coincide, there are some differences too - for instance there is no developed concept of 'bad' or damaging energy in the Western theory - just misalignment against energy, which causes problems.

The Knight of Cups rules this energy, and is its master. So on a day when this card comes up, it might be useful to have a think about the ways in which energy flows through your home. Do you often close or block off doors? Are there areas in the house where accidents often happen for no good reason (you have to be logical here..you're liable to break more plates in the kitchen or dining room than anywhere else for instance ;-) How about your bedroom..does it serve as a tranquil, restful haven or does it tend to make you uneasy or restless?

Just as a matter of interest, the way that you place the head of your bed can have a profound effect on what happens in your life...take a look at this list below which indicates what you draw in from each of the Quarters and cross-quarters of the room.

East Settled family life

South East Good finances, profitable speculation

South Public recognition, particularly in the arts

South West Strong partnerships - both personal and business

West Spiritual protection, and material advancement

North West Travel and international trade

North Success in business

North East Help with studies and training

I have a vision of hundreds of people rushing to move their bedrooms around!! Have fun. The interesting thing is that once you achieve your aim, you can move your bed to secure the next one, without losing the first one!!

Affirmation: I align myself with natural energies, and benefit from their strength.

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