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Eight of Cups The Eight of Cups

The Lord of Indolence arises when energy is blocked, and where it is beginning to stagnate. This is, obviously, a nasty and potentially dangerous situation which must be addressed if it is to be cleared out of the way. You may, though, feel tired and apathetic about challenging issues which seem too big or too stubborn to deal with.

If you are currently feeling quite trapped by life, then today is a day where you can make a profound difference to the way things around you are affecting you. Target one area which is taking more energy from you than it gives back. Think through your reactions and responses to this situation. Consider whether you're tending to slide a bit toward feeling like a victim - don't judge this, just consider it. If you judge something that sensitive, you will become defensive, and therefore be unable to tackle the problem properly.

If you, after analysis, decide that you are contributing to the difficulty, then you have it in your power to simply refuse to worsen it with a negative attitude. Tackle the affirmation with great gusto! That should shift your own blockages.

If, on reflection, you feel that the problem is not yours, but somebody else's, the first thing you need to do is refuse to react by giving more energy. Just stop. For this day, refuse to play the game. And do the affirmation! That should cause some shift, if only in your own approach.

Finally, if you feel you do not have any major problems today, then consider the whole energy exchange that is the sum total of your life. Assess things realistically. Ensure that there are no areas of leakage. If there are, then consider what you can do. If there aren't, congratulate yourself for living your life in accordance with the dance of the Universe!!

Affirmation: My energy is the energy of the Universe. My power is my own.

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