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Eight of CupsThe Eight of Cups

The Lord of Indolence is a card which indicates difficult influence around the person who draws it. Energy is stagnating now; there is no renewal, no cleansing flow. Instead, there is apathy and disappointment. If this state of affairs is allowed to continue, it will reflect negatively into daily life, causing disturbance in the domestic and material situation.

This card sometimes comes up during periods where you are tired and unable to generate any energy - during or just after periods of ill-health, for example. It can also be provoked where there is severe emotional distress. It carries with it an urgent warning to attend to whatever is blocking your energy, and to try to create open channels to get things moving again.

One area that will often be indicated by the appearance of this card is the sort of relationship in which you consistently give too much, and receive very little back in return. If you often find the 8 of Cups in your own readings, it's worth doing a thorough appraisal of the relationships in your life and trying to work out if any of them are dangerously one-sided. If they are, then take steps to start saying no. Stay in better touch with your own needs and dreams, and pay less attention to other peoples', particularly if you feel you get very little back from those people.

Remember - we deserve to receive from others exactly what we are prepared to give to ourselves. So if we give ourselves scant attention, why should anybody else do any more for us? But, on the other hand, if we treat ourselves with love and respect, then we have every right to expect that from those around us.

Working with the Eight of Cups

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