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Seven of Cups The Seven of Cups

The Lord of Debauch is one of those warning cards that we must always take seriously when we come under his influence. Without fail, when he appears we must expect to be subjected to some kind of temptation or test. We must be on our guard for making the exact mistake that he tells us is possible.

Temptations come in many shapes and forms, don't they? Some of these are minor, and others much more serious. The 7 of Cups deals primarily with sensual pleasures....sex, food, money, status.

Sometimes, the card indicates that we are surrounded by a multitude of different pleasures, and cannot quite make our minds up which ones to choose, out of the many available to us. In so doing, we miss the boat altogether and end up with nothing. Or, alternatively, we greedily snatch at everything we see, possibly missing the real treasure that is waiting for us to notice it.

Greed, triviality, surrender of moral ethics are the big problems when this card appears. We must guard firmly against any of these things, holding hard to our sense of love and goodness.

On a day ruled by this card, you need to keep a sharp eye open for all of the above. Also try to monitor your reactions and responses to others - another way we can give in to the Lord of Debauch is to treat another human being in a way we wouldn't wish to be treated ourselves.

If your irritability quotient goes up, spend some time with yourself working out why, and then deal with it. That way you won't snap the heads off the people you love. If you feel impatient and frustrated, again, work out why.....then go and satisfy yourself.

On the high spiritual level, this is a day where forgetting what you believe in will accrue some debt unnecessarily. Be alert for tests of your belief, strong in your love, and bright in your life. That way you should pass the test!!

Affirmation: I am strong in love and bright in life. I shine with the radiance of a star.

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