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Six of Cups The Six of Cups

One of the truly wonderful things about being alive is that it allows us access to a wealth of different emotions - of course, we sometimes wish it didn't, particularly when we are hurting - yet this hugely flexible resource of response is one of our most valuable treasures.

The Lord of Pleasure is about learning how to enter into pleasure with an open heart which is ready to receive, and freely allow the passage of emotion through it. Too often, we fail to enter the moment, and instead, stand on the threshold of life. This card challenges us to cross that threshold, and flow with the river of love which is always available to us.

So on a day ruled by the Lord of Pleasure, we have to consider what pleasures us (and don't shy away from your own sexuality!!). Today, you need to make a point of taking the time to give yourself up to pleasure, however you define it. (In my mind's eye, I see certain of our company reaching eagerly for the chocolate bar whilst repeating, like a mantra, the words "Oh thankyou Jan...thankyou Jan..." ;-)

And there's a little exercise I'd like you to take time out to do as well. Sit down comfortably, and relax. Pay special attention to opening out your chest area. Now concentrate on your breathing......feel it flowing in and out of your body......feel it cool, and refreshing. Now each time you draw in breath, draw in love as well.... Connect with the all-embracing, infinite, unconditional love that flows through life in each and every day.....and enjoy!!!!!

Affirmation: I become part of the endless river of life and love.

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