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Ten of Cups The Ten of Cups

The Lord of Satiety is a sanctuary card.....it indicates a blissful moment in time where we feel contented, happy and emotionally satisfied. It's easy to be at one with the Universe when you feel this blessed. We are more readily able to make contact with the High Powers, and to experience their energies in our lives.

So on a day ruled by the 10 of Cups, be aware that you are probably walking closer to the Gods (however you conceive them) than on most more ordinary days. Expect intuition to be heightened, and make sure you give yourself the time to listen to it.

Try to make an oasis of silence around yourself every now and again, so that you can simply experience and feel and know the quality of your life. This doesn't have to be for long periods - five minutes here and there throughout the day will make for a happy interlude.

Remember - when you feel loved yourself, you radiate love to others. You don't have to do anything more complicated than allow yourself to be satisfied. Days like this are rare enough. But when they come around, if you let the brightness inside your soul, it lights you up from the inside. We gather strength on these days - strength that carries us forward through the challenges and storms that inevitably touch our lives from time to time.

Strive to be peaceful and secure in your home environment too. And don't let yourself be impatient for the things that have not found their right moment in your life yet. Absorb, grow, rest and replenish....these are the important things to do on a day ruled by the Lord of Satiety.

Affirmation: Today my life gives me everything I need to be happy.

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