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Ten of CupsThe Ten of Cups

The Lord of Satiety is a lovely card, indicating that we are full up with contentment and bliss. It is closely connected with the home environment, which is where we should expect a sense of repletion and joy.

When the card comes up, it indicates that life is ordered and fulfilling, that everything is in its proper place, and that things are unfolding as they should. There's a placid sense of happiness here, which should be enjoyed open-heartedly and with a great deal of gratitude.

At the higher spiritual level, this card will often come up to indicate a period of close harmony with the Higher Powers, often after a time of struggle and trial. When this occurs, you will find yourself feeling at one with the Universe, in touch with the energy which flows through it in an unending stream.

Unfortunately there's a word of warning (isn't there always?) - when you are experiencing the influence of the 10 of Cups, ensure that you engage deeply with the energies around you. Don't take them for granted, nor look for problems. Just make sure you enjoy what's happening, and allow your sense of fulfilment to radiate from you.

Working with the Ten of Cups

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