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Mozarella Appetiser:

- Anne

Okay, this is sooo easy, and it makes you look like such a wonderful cook!
Appetizer - don't know the name. Call it the "Anne" dish, but substitute your name for the name "Anne"!

Mozzarella, already sliced from the deli.
Fresh large basil leaves.
Garden fresh tomatoes, hierlooms if you can get them.
Onion, sweet.
Fresh oregano.
Fresh chives.
Balsamic vinegar - moderately good stuff.
Light virgin olive oil.
Kosher salt (lower sodium content than regular salt).
Pepper to grind.

Okay. Super simple. First in a side bowl mix about two to three tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl, add some sprigs of fresh oregano and chives. Add a small pinch of salt and two grinds of the pepper grinder. Or so.

Let that sit.

On a cutting board, slice up thinly tomato and onion. I personally cut the already cut mozarella from the store diagnolly so that it kind of looks like half moons. Layer basil leaf, tomato, onion, cheese, basil, tomato, onion, cheese, etc.

Work all around the plate, and anywhere in between, depending on the size of the plate. Drizzle with a spoon the olive oil mixture. Then place little snippets of oregano and chives all around the plate so it looks pretty. Sometimes I take chives and stick them out from the plate like a spiral, presentation, presentation - I do get obsessive.

Then the balsamic vinegar. Drizzle that now over everything. Just little drops here and there. If you have some basil aoli that would look pretty in droplets around the plate, but it is not really needed.

Tastes wonderful and fresh. A great harvest time recipe! Celebrate the harvest!

Send us your loving recipes  

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