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Chocolate Mousse:

- krissf

I've chosen it because it's my standby always-delicious pudding for posh dinners, so it reminds me of sharing lovely food with friends and getting out of the kitchen quickly.

Oh, and earning brownie points for very little effort ;-)

1 pint whipping cream.
1/2 lb very dark chocolate - 85% cocoa if possible.
5 egg yolks.
5 level tablespoons sugar.
Brandy to taste - 1 35ml measure will do.

Melt the chocolate in a bain marie

Separate the eggs, and mix the yolks with the sugar (the spare yolks can be frozen for use later or made into a nutritious omelette).

Whip the cream.

When the chocolate is melted mix in the sugar/yolk mixture very quickly - it will go thick almost immediately so don't let it stand - then fold it into the whipped cream straight away. It will need quite a bit of folding to get the chocolate mixed through properly.

Chill for 2 hours.

Note - you must mix the yolks with the warm chocolate as this makes the mixture thicken and also heats the yolks to avoid possible risk of salmonella.

Get the darkest chocolate you possibly can - milk chocolate doesn't work because it is diluted with so much cream.

When the chocolate and cream mixture is ready put in the flavouring - brandy works very well or you could try rum with a handful of morello cherries or soaked raisins, or orange oil and a couple of pinches of cinnamon.

It's extremely rich so will go a long way - my last version served 10.

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