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  Development of Clairaudience
written by Jan on the forums in reply to Aquadreamer (15/11/01)

First of all, you need to settle on a form of protection that you feel safe and comfortable with. Then you need to practise placing this form of protection again and again, and sit inside it just feeling how it feels. This is extremely important for any form of psychic development - it keeps you properly protected when you begin to work, and it ensures that your practise is beneficial to you, and contributes positively to your life.

After a period of time (only you can say how long, but don't be tempted to rush anything) you will feel completely secure and at ease within your protections. You will find that your chosen method tends to spring up in everyday life almost automatically, if you feel in any way vulnerable. You will also find you become a little more confident and sure of yourself. When you reach that point with your protections, you're ready to start work.

Set a little regular time aside to develop your clairaudience. Twenty minutes every other day is much more constructive than two and a half hours when you get round to it!!

Put your protections in place and make sure they feel strong and safe. Then relax inside them. Gradually clear any random thoughts or concerns out of your mind (write them on a pad if it helps....one thing you can always count on with worries is that they will come back as soon as invited, so you can afford to lay them aside for a little while ;-) You're aiming to be thinking of nothing at all. This is not as easy as it sounds.....but it is usually achieved by acknowledging passing thoughts without engaging with them. Again, write down anything particularly persistent.

Whilst working in the early stages consider what you think would help you when you are developing. Candles will often help with clairvoyance, but I have no idea what will activate clairaudience.....some sounds might do it.

Then basically it's a waiting game....you will eventually begin to hear. But I do have to say one of the big mistakes people make in the early stages of development is that they tend to try too hard....we all have incredibly powerful image machines in the form of our subconscious minds - they will run riot given any encouragement at all.....bear this in mind, and remember...if you have an innate ability, when you provide it with the correct environment it WILL develop in the end ;-)

Good luck.

Loadsa love

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