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Blockbuster Sample Readings

The Blockbuster Reading  was three years in development, with numerous variations being tested before Jan finally found a card-grouping that "read itself" in practise.   It was finally added to the cart in its completed form in April 2012.    

This reading is intended to determine efficient and comprehensive methods of breaking through long-term blockages, which might hinder or disempower the querent.   Sometimes it will reveal that the root of the matter is not what the querent may initially have imagined it to be, but rather something deeper or more oblique hidden within the being.   It searches for clues and indications on several levels of the individual, sometimes tying together several apparently disparate threads.   Having attempted to locate all relevant aspects of the blockage, the reading then  guides the querent toward effective and final resolution of the problem.  This reading is NOT for the faint-hearted, and neither should it be applied to recent or relatively “minor” issues, but rather finds its place when measuring recurring and apparently intractable difficulties.

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Click on the links below to view the archived readings. All those included are with the consent of the querent and are cut down quite substantially from the originals, to preserve the privacy of the testers.  A Blockbuster reading usually ends up being over 3,000 words long - about 7 pages.

Blockbuster Sample Tarot Reading 1

Blockbuster Sample Tarot Reading 2

Blockbuster Sample Tarot Reading 3

Blockbuster Sample Tarot Reading 4

Blockbuster Sample Tarot Reading 5

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