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Many thanks to those of you who have granted us an award. We are deeply grateful for your blessings and kindness.
GNAE Award.

"Dear Jan. Our Evaluation Panel have now completed their review of your site, Angel Paths, and I am delighted to be able to award you our GNAE Awards Programme Bronze Award (January 2003). This site has a fascinating subject. If it were on that, alone I would give it a higher level of Award. The site was cleanly laid out and topic pages were easy to find. Nice work Jan

"Rochelle (Shells) Manson, Awards Coordinator. The GNAE Awards Programme Award Sites Rated 5.0."

AljapaCo Webb Award. "Congratulations Jan! You nominated your site for the AljapaCo Webb Award and we have finished our evaluation. Your site scored 92 points and will be listed as a winner on the first day of the following month! .. Again, thank you for applying for our award and congratulations on a site well built!

"Tobias Strandh, owner/manager AljapaCo Webb
"This award is rated a World Top Award and 10.3 by WebsAwards"

SCircus World Merit Award. "Congratulations for being chosen as a winner of Circus World's award. You are the latest recipient of my Merit award. You have done an outstanding job creating your website. Circus World Awards Program honors webmasters who show excellence in all areas of web site design. These areas include: the site's underlying structure, site layout/appearance, content, consistency, and appropriate usage of color .. I want to wish you continued success with your website.

"Circus World
"Award Sites rating 5.0"

SunsetSurfers Bronze Award. "Hello Jan, please accept the SunsetSurfers Bronze Medal of Excellence for your efforts at Angel Paths. I've enjoyed my visits and learned a bit about Tarot cards in the process. Learning is the mark of excellence for any informational site, yours has done that. Well done site, enjoy your award, you've earned it.

"When you have posted your AS! rated level 4.5 medal to your site let me know and I will add you to our winners list.

"Will Harbeson

"After a careful review and evaluation, your site was judged of the high quality necessary to win an aeclectic award. I found your site navigation, design and Tarot information to be excellent, and I really enjoyed my visit!"

"Congratulations for your outstanding efforts in the education of Metaphysical concepts."



"Looks to me it deserves the Golden-hearted Dragon Award. Congratulations on a great page! I liked the set up and the information you give to others (considering I like divination stuff too) So I award you with my best award so far."


"Your site was nominated for the Love and Light Award and I'm pleased to be able to give that award to you. Love and Light, Rainbowlady"




"Good topics plus creative simplicity, well deserving of the Enlightened Pages Award."


"I have just returned from your site and I had a great time there...Thanks for the visit."


"I spent a long time looking through your site, and it is absolutely wonderful! The info was really great and so was the layout and design. (You have some very beautiful tarot cards.) I think your site is very deserving of my Occult Award, you guys are doing a great job. :)"


"Your site is well organized and your content is both interesting and informative. You have done an outstanding job on your site!"

"The world wide web is one powerful tool for expanding enlightenment directly into the hearts and minds of people everywhere - instantly and profoundly. I wish to honor your contribution to the true age of consciousness with our *Source of Light Award.*"

"We have been to your site and found it informative, easy to navigate, original and an excellent contribution to the internet community as a whole. We are proud to present this award to a quality site such as yours."

This site is King of the Web

Reading tarot with Jan.
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Tarot readings include:

Looking for Love Spread

What should I do?

3-card past present future

General Elipse

Spiritual Mandala

"The Works" Spread

Wheel of the Year

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