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The Aura Exercise
written by Jan

First, seat yourself comfortably and then establish a regular breathing pattern. Take long slow even breaths and exhale gently. Shortly you will find yourself becoming aware of areas of tension within your body. Systematically release these knots of stress and allow yourself to become progressively more relaxed. Pay attention to passing thoughts which skim across the surface of your mind. Gradually clear everyday pressing worries away.

When you have dealt with your immediate thoughts begin to imagine that there is a sphere of brilliant white light above your head. This sphere spins slowly, and as it does the light which emanates from it flashes and sparkles. Sometimes you feel as though you can see within the sphere.

The light grows steadily brighter until it glows upon your head, hair and your face. The glow becomes more and more intense until it gleams upon your shoulders, enveloping your head in radiant light.

Now this light spreads down your body and across your legs until around you there is a most perfect luminous glow. The sphere above your head becomes still brighter and brighter until its brilliance obscures the outside edge and, instead, it looks as though there is a shining star above your head.

The glow which surrounds you is rich warm blue and it swirls with the turning of the sphere. Here and there iridescent mother of pearl shimmers and gleams. Sometimes flashes of brilliant green light spot in your aura.

And still the sphere above your head becomes brighter and brighter, until suddenly rays of intense blue white light spill out from the sphere down your body. You are enveloped in a shimmering cloud of light. It spreads out beyond you for several inches and within it there are radiant silver sparkles - brilliant particles of light which touch your skin in whispers, causing little ripples of energy wherever they rest on you.

Notice how your aura seems to move clockwise around your body, scintillatingly bright, shining and beautiful. Make this image as real as you possibly can. Feel the warmth of the glow which surrounds you. Breathe in the power and the energy of the light. Feel your skin tingle where the sparks of light touch it.

And most of all, know that this is yours. Now, draw in the edges of your aura. Draw them in toward your body and see the colour there intensify and become a deeper stronger shade of blue. See yourself surrounded by shimmering blue white light which is edged by azure. Experience the power and force which flows through your body.

When you decide that you have exercised for long enough allow yourself to become aware of your surroundings. Hear the noises of the World. Smell its scents. When you open your eyes remember that your aura is still there. It envelops you, indisputably real and perfect.

You are surrounded by light.

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