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Destiny - Does it Exist?

by Kimon.

How wonderful! I will get rich and can stop working!

Divination, unfortunately, is not that simple...

But then, what is the use of reading the cards?

After all, is it true or not what they tell?

We do not have the possibility to escape being responsible for ourselves. Sad, but true.

The question above cited, formulated in a nobler way, would be the question until which point life in general follows an authoritarian and autonomous mechanism, which is fatalistic of the point of view of the individuals. Depending on that explanation or vision of our existence, there are subsequently different concepts in relation to what we call future.

There are the two extremes of idealism or materialism, and in between there are hundreds of beliefs, philosophies, theories and also desires. The idealism claims conscience as a base of the existence, of the being. The materialism defines the conscience as an effect of the being.

There is no right or wrong in that, everything is to be proven.

I personally think that life does not follow any theory of any human being, but that all theories explain some parts and aspects of the world, but never all of it. I believe that to understand life we in fact will have to die. Anyway, while that is not the case, we will only have some fascinating mosaic pieces, multicoloured and in part logical to play with and to construct whatever we consider able to make our existence more understandable and also easier.

So, to come back to the subject of the fatalistic future or not, I decided to believe the following:

The difference between the past, the present and the future is only in our perspective.

The past from our point of view seems to be static, fixed and immovable.

The present is a great mystery that moves at highest speed and that gets more mysterious the more we try to understand it.

The future then is the great vacuum, the all-that-could-be and the what-never-will-be.

Future is the unknown potential of our lives, evolving itself constantly. Being that, it is a dynamic form, in contrast of the past.

The central question then would be of what, which sources, the evolution of the future nourishes itself. I think that there are three sources that make the great river of future:

Our present acts, independent and individual, that we decide to make consciously.

Our personal Karma.

Our collective Karma of which we are only a small part.

(I leave aside the planetary and cosmic Karma, that would be the fourth and fifth source)

The third source is absolutely beyond our reach and the more we would try, we would never achieve to change its route or its quality. The power of this source in fact is fatalistic for us.

The second source of personal Karma being much stronger than us, even though sometimes we manage to influence it. Difficult, but possible.

The first one then, is the one that interests more, because this we can really influence.

It is possible to see in the cards the actual force that is behind certain future effects or currents.

The cards can tell us how and where our present will turn into future.

So very rarely the forces in our life are ones of the collective Karma. (If this is the case then we, as card readers, will have to be psychologists in the way of telling the client, in the case of a disagreeable future, of course.)

Normally the majority of the information concerning the future which we obtain through the cards is a mixture of personal Karma and the effects of the present acts. This is not fatalistic.

Trends, more or less strong, are shown, but mostly they are not inevitable. Almost always we can (shall I say we could?) improve or make worse what it is coming.

What we see normally in the cards is what will come to existence if we continue being what and how we are. With this, wanting to change our future, we will have to change ourselves.

Tarot cards do not live our life. Simply they can help us to live it, give advice, hints, suggestions, warnings or affirmation; indeed nothing less or more than a very good friend can do, who knows us better than we ourselves do.

We have with the cards an open window to the panorama of our lives.

Who wants to stay seated can do that, but he will never know what it is like to be the main actor in his own film. Tarot, far of being the script of our life, is much more the explanation of its symbols and meanings.

And we can be good or bad actors.

But even the worse actor gets more than the spectator.

Article courtesy of Lotus Tarot.

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