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Metamorphosis Guest on 21 Jun 2015, 8:26 AM
Half year on and the reading still rings true
I ordered this reading from Jan in December 2014 in preparation for year 2015. I had felt like I was merely drifting along in both my personal and professional life for the last 3 years and that changes that I had been working on weren't progressing as fast as I had hoped. Jan's reading and insights truly opened my eyes to the key issues and prompted me down a path of emotional healing that I desperately needed. Though I am no where near where I want to be personally and professionally yet, I feel lighter and happier now. And I more committed than ever to keep working on rebuilding myself, on restoring my sense of self and ultimately to live as authentically I am able to. Thank you, Jan!
Spiralwoman Guest on 15 Apr 2015, 3:00 PM
Jan nailed it
This reading came at a time when I was paralyzed. I was unable to fully unstick myself from a past situation. I could not fully commit to a current situation. I wanted something I thought I could not have without giving up so much that it scared me. I sought out Jan's "Where do I go from here" reading and, having experienced "The Works" earlier this year, had wonderful faith in her going into this one. This reading was a complete turning point for me. I'd been doing a lot of spiritual work already, was primed and eager, but something was holding me back. Then I got unstuck...thanks to Jan. Her insights, both through the Tarot and from her inner well of wisdom, are profound. She gives sound, loving advice, and pulls no punches (I like that!). I recommend this reading highly. Its layout is clear and informative. The real magic, of course, is what Jan brings to her understanding of the cards/spread. THANK YOU, JAN.
Remmi249 Guest on 27 Oct 2014, 11:16 PM
This turned me upside down
I have been unhappy in my career for years. But it is something I trained six years for. Then a certain situation blew up at work and I felt like I couldn't cope any longer. So I walked out. The next day I purchased this reading. Jan sent me straight back where I had come from with some sound admonishments to stick up for myself and for those I represent. I hated the reading when I got it. But five months down the line I have to acknowledge just how good it was, and just how completely Jan geared me up to go back and take control. Now I am going to take advantage of this special offer on that Wheel of the Year reading, because I want to make partner next year and I want to know which month to put the champagne on ice.
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