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Karen on 21 Aug 2017, 7:31 PM
I did this reading a while ago, but did another one this month. just a couple of years ago I was divorced which gave me blocks to conquer, and then recently had to overcome another relationship/non relationship issue. The tools are so helpful, I like that when I have read the reading I actually have tools to work with to keep the positive forces moving forward. Jan is incredible, I have had several readings in the past 18 months and have never been disappointed.
Karen on 3 Jan 2017, 12:17 AM
Oh my spot on
Jan amazes me. This is a wonderful spread when you feel that you can not jump a hurdle. My reading explained that I was well on my way to healing, but the insight on how to fully conquer this block was perfect. I'm not a 100% there, but I review my reading often to remind me of the steps I need to continue to make.
Pauline on 5 Nov 2013, 9:10 PM
Extraordinary insight, analysis & accuracy.
Donna Guest on 18 May 2012, 10:39 PM
This reading was simply amazing. Jan touched on points that astounded me. It was not just incredibly accurate, it really helped me to redirect my thinking and was instrumental in putting me back on track. I was able to address some issues in my life that I was avoiding. This gave me the confidence to rely on my own good sense.
Arran Guest on 19 Apr 2012, 10:57 PM
So good
I was warned (as a tester) this was not for the faint-hearted - and that is true. But I have been going around and around, making the same mistakes over one particular area in my life for literally years. Going over this reading was like somebody turning on a searchlight in my head. And what is more, the guidance offered to get me past my own hang-up was so clear and so gently presented that I felt completely energised to just get on with it. In one evening I learned to accept something that I had previously thought was dreadful about me. And now I do not mind it too much at all. If you find yourself stuck on one thing in your life, you need this reading.
just me Guest on 19 Apr 2012, 5:27 PM
Blown away!
I just had this reading as I have a particular area in my life I need to "get over" and start work on. I was absolutely blown away over the accuracy Jan pointed out the situation and described me! It was very helpful to get pointed in the right direction and this is the type of reading I'll go back to over and over again to remind me and for strength. Thank you Jan!
Eleanor Guest on 16 Apr 2012, 8:13 PM
Excellent insightful reading - does the job!
I was lucky enough to be a test subject for this reading. Jan solidified and made coherent issues I already knew about, but hadn't been able to put into words. She also pulled out threads I had not been consciously aware of. The reading absolutely blasted straight through the blockage I had, and enabled me to integrate it without judging myself harshly or giving myself a hard time.

I must recommend this reading very highly - in fact I'm about to buy another one on a completely different subject!
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