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Epiphanies (Guest)
It Speaks To My Soul In Whispers...
I've owned this tarot 12 years, & I only use it on those rare occasions when I am truly distraught & at "the edge of the world" with my feelings... It is always compassionate, transcendent, honest, concise, yet supportive. It's like a dozen teddy bears nuzzling me...to tell me what I'm most afraid to hear (...or that I won't hear).

This has been one of those few decks I am able to meditate on & fully immerse myself in to study as art...as well as accurately use for divination.

This tarot's Eastern approach echoes the meanings of, but is also a nice vacation from, the strict nature of traditional Western tarot imagery. However, neither one gets left behind. If you're curious what the author was thinking when she painted the images, she wrote a book to accompany the cards that will tell you what she intends them to show.
Found: 1
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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