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A help in difficult moments
Jan made a really insightful reading and I still feeling the blasses of her lecture right now. :) very helpful!
Chris (Guest)
Truly Amazing
Jan's readings are truly a blessing. She is so insightful and helpful. I love how she can tell you things in a most positive way. Very much a gift. I have had two readings and both have been extremely accurate.
Jeannie (Guest)
A bit stunned
So I am halfway through my reading and so far everything has been so spot on it spooks me a bit. I have had many tarot readings, but none so clear and accurate as this one. What I have valued most was the spot-on and pulling-no-punches guidance. Looking forward to my next.
Maggie (Guest)
WOW I'm Impressed!
Not that Jan predicts a lottery win or such like but the playing out of long-term patterns feels very precise. I hope this reading will give me the opportunity to do things differently this time with conscious awareness and forewarning-worth more than a lottery win if I take the advice offered.
Amy Lawson (Guest)
Getting my next one
I saw the release of the special offer on this reading this afternoon on my Facebook and was there like a shot. I bought my first one last year on the offer, and was really surprised and pleased how comprehensive it was, and as the year worked through, how accurate as well. I'm right there after my next one, and I want to get one for my sister as her Christmas present this year. I feel sure she will love it.
Hannah (Guest)
On my fourth
Really useful tool to help get a good overview of what to expect during the coming year. I'll be back for my next one in February.
Elizabeth (Guest)
a must
such a thoughtful and loving reading. its clear Jan knows her stuff. This reading put many things into perspective as well as gave me things to watch out for! i will therefore go through this year with the guidance of my cards and hopefully have a little extra help and support through the ruff patches. But also have many good things to look forward to!
Found: 7
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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