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Cynthia V. (Guest)
Beautiful Readings
I have also gotten a Works and a Mirror spread from Jan. I have to say, all three have been incredibly accurate, comforting, reassuring and beautiful. Not only does Jan appear to have an amazing gift for intuiting the cards, a firm understanding, but she seems to infuse her work and her words with love. I have been going through a rough time these last couple of years, and these readings have brought me a great deal of comfort and insight. Thank you so much, Jan!
crazyinsatiable1 (Guest)
Excellent, thoughtful, perfect!
I was very impressed with my reading, and would not hesitate to purchase again. It's so comforting to have my feelings and instincts validated, and some beacons of hope to look for. I was nearly moved to tears.
stephiejc4 (Guest)
Jan is the real thing. Accurate readings with guidance.
Grace (Guest)
What a great reading - Jan has been absoultety amazing and patient with the questions I have asked - would definetely use again
Lisa (Guest)
I just got a reading from Jan and I am amazed at the accuracy of this reading. The details and description of what is going on and what is to come is incredible. I am thrilled to have tried this.
Graywing (Guest)
Amazingly accurate
This is the most profound Tarot reading I've ever had. Somehow, Jan really tuned into the essential issues and problems in my life. I'm very impressed and grateful for the insights she's given me.
Jane (Guest)
Jan's reading was 'right-on'...I needed to make an exhausting decision and her reading strongly supported my own intuition about the appropriate choice ...
The synchronicity between the reading and my own 'gut' was amazing...I recommend this process to anyone grappling with a hard life choice ...
Wish (Guest)
Accurate and insightful!
I have purchased two of these readings for myself and one for a friend. I found the readings to be accurate and insightful, They described clearly the situation at hand, as well as provided clear guidance on how best to proceed to achieve the best outcomes. There were also a couple surprises thrown in the mix. My friend was equally impressed. Thank you, Jan!
zazzie (Guest)
Positively insightful!
I've been doing my own readings, but being new to the tarot, I am not always sure if I'm understanding the cards correctly. Jan's completely accurate description of my situation and her subsequent analysis and insight was just incredible. I am grateful to have found her and this site.
Cecilia (Guest)
Right on spot!
It took some months but it turns out Janīs absolutely right on spot in detail with a co-worker of mine (among other things) Brilliant!
Found: 22
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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